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“Kids Chained to Bed” Story Is a Hoax to Demonize Christian Homeschoolers and Draft New Orwellian Legislation in CA

Sunday, February 11, 2018 1:54
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Our government recently pulled off another huge hoax event here in CA. in order to demonize Christian homeschoolers.

More ppl in CA are homeschooling than ever before because of the new mandatory vaccination laws. If you dont vaccinate… you can’t attend public school. Well naturally many parents are choosing to homeschool rather than poison, maim and very likely kill their children.

The state hates that it can’t control these families who opt out of their system… And in their frenzied desperation to poison (and indoctrinate) every last child, they completely FABRICATED a story about a family of 13 kids (yes their favorite number) and their “House of Horrors” (notice the ready made slogan all the media has been using repetitively since day one of the hoax.)

Allegedly these children (most of them were technically adults), were found shackled to their beds. They had been there for years, starving in filth…and here’s the punchline….no one knew…..Why? Well because they were were HOMESCHOOLED of course.

Well how convenient a story is that right now for the state of CA?? A little TOO convenient if you ask me.

The story itself doesn’t make any sense when you start looking into it…. such as one of the children escaped their shackles, then called for help on a cell phone they “found” in the house? Yeah because random working cell phones are always just sitting around in homes full of squalor and torture.

Also, they took a trip to Disneyworld a year or two ago…..Wait I thought they were all chained to beds being starved? Do you know how much money and effort it costs to take 13 kids to Disneyworld? Just doesn’t match up with the type of situation it’s supposed to be.

There are many other bizarre details you’ll find if you spend any time looking into the various stories that have been written about the Turpin family. It’s almost as if there are multiple storylines and writers just making things up haphazardly as they go along and not really checking with each other to stay on the same page. Way too many inconsistencies.

My Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook group looked into this a little and found all the typical signs of a hoax. For example…Who’s freakishly long arm is that on “Thing 10”?


That my friends is called bad Photoshop. There’s no one in that photo who that arm could possibly belong to. Which most likely means they’re digitally creating this family on a computer. This is very typical of how they do these hoaxes

This reminds me of the San Bernadino false flag (appears they actually did kill the poor patsies in that one)…but other than those two poor dupes no one else was harmed in the alleged shooting (because it didn’t happen). Anyways check out one of the pics they used showing one of the “victims” families in the San Bernardino hoax (the victim obviously was a made up person). They very often create these families digitally.

If you look at the first boy to the right his hand matches the color of his other arm. Not so with the middle boy holding the baby. The girl to the right looks like she’s had an arm transplant. That does not look natural at all.

Taken from the victims gofundme

And check out this horrible Photoshop from Sandy Hook.

Emily has an extra long arm here as well (blue arm in pic below on the left). I hear arm transplants are popular these days.

Here’s another example of photo shop in this homeschooling family’s pictures. Another anomoly. Is this girl an alien? What’s up with that line on her forehead?


Another girl behind her has the same defect. It’s called the INAP syndrome (I’m New at Photoshopping Syndrome).

Some people have said “Its a strand of hair”. To which I reply “Going straight across her forehead like that though? I also don’t see where it would attach to her head. You’d think you’d be able to see a strand that’s THAT thick (that it would cause such an anomaly in the picture) attached to her head…. you think you’d be able to see where it’s coming from I mean.”

Also where’s this hand (see pic below) coming from? Who could it possibly belong to?

Heres crazy “house of horrors mom” wearing Disney of all things in the pics the media has put out of her.


They LOVE throwing Disney symbolism in our face whenever possible.

And then heres a pic of their alleged neighbor who did an on air TV interview with the media, wearing an Alice in Wonderland top of all things. I’m sure you know the implications of that. Chasing the white rabbit…

Dad’s wig is killing me. Trying to disguise him maybe? It’s total overkill. It’s as if they are half taunting us with how ridiculous they’re making the characters look.

Also interesting to note….Dad allegedly works at Lockheed Martin. Same place as James Holmes father (the Aurora Batman shooting patsy). Are they trying to ruin him for some reason? Just thinking of possibilities here…

This is a clip of the parents in court… a video from ABC News of mom and dad. You cannot tell me that Dad is not wearing a wig here. It’s so freaken obvious.

Interesting that in above ABC News clip they state that the Turpin couple never once looked at each other in court… but then an article from The Independent shows this pic saying its a photo of the moment when crazy Mom smiled at crazy Dad in court. So which is it? See what I mean about everyone just making up their own story without collaborating? Also in regards to this photo… they’ve got to choose photos that make these fake Christian homeschoolers look as nutso as possible.


Louise Turpin smiles at her husband in court.

Another odd detail is on the Turpin’s bankruptcy paperwork they list four son’s. Who is this 4th son? The Turpin’s only have three sons. That’s pretty sloppy if you ask me…It never ceases to amaze me how sloppy these intelligence agencies get who pull off these hoaxes.

Another anomaly (things never add up in these hoax stories for anyone who takes the time to look into details…which this YouTuber has done.) She points out a picture where Louise is pregnant with her 13th child….with her other 12 children looking quite young and then the next picture we see is Louise with her 13th child now born and on her hip  ( the baby looks to be about 1 yrs old)….but the other 12 children have aged about 5 years in just that 1 year! How did they grow so fast?

Just more sloppy psyop work being paid for with our tax dollars. It’s almost an insult to our intelligence for them to be so lazy and sloppy. I suppose they don’t imagine many will notice those details…and the few who do notice won’t be listened to. Which is mostly true.

Also telling, is that as soon as I posted the info I’m sharing here, on Facebook, and went public with my suspicions, I got trolled HARD by the govbots on social media….and it’s so funny because just like they always do…half of them allegedly KNEW this family. For example this guy’s dog’s half brother’s dead aunt’s 2nd cousin knew them.


So it’s important to understand that the govt knows their biggest information war occurs on social media. And so they have contracted out a company that deploys thousands and thousands of fake profiles across Twitter, Facebook, Redditt, 4chan, etc. These are AI accts overseen by ppl. These are the reason you get hundreds of fake profile requests each week. You can debate one all day and never have any idea you’re arguing with an AI. Their technology is THAT good. They’ve also gotten good at making their profiles look real so it takes so much more time than it used to to try and vet them. I finally quit even trying…because who has time for all that when you’re inundated with them? So I now have a couple thousand friend requests just sitting there…I’m sure there are some really nice people who’ve sent me requests who I will never accept because I dont have time to weed out the half or more that are fake. It pisses me off that they’ve ruined social media in that way. The govbot’s goal is to become your friend so they can plant unimportant propaganda pieces in your news feed. Along with the help of the algorithms over at FB of course. But they can’t put what they want in your news feed if they’re not your friend first.

Also..every single time a false flag hoax hits the news these govbots pop out of the woodwork and their story is always the same “How dare you! I knew them…I went to school with them…I know them personally.”

They always have an inside connection that gives them the authority needed to discredit you…so people reading it will go “Phew….ok… there’s my out…this isn’t a hoax”.

The govt has studied psychology in every aspect and they know exactly what needs to be said to cause doubt in the public’s mind. They are aware that there will always be the few shouting…screaming… trying to wake the public up. “You guys…snap out of it…it was all just theatre…it wasnt real…it didn’t really happen! The story was all planned out…for a purpose…to accomplish an end!”

They know there will always be the few trying to point ppl towards the obvious… And so this is their way to combat that.


Shaming people into shutting up

And ignore the ignorance of this sheeple believing the story… but she brought up an interesting comment from grandpa…who DOESN’T BELIEVE ANY OF IT…..Hmmm.

Would love to hear what grandpa has to say about all of this ….IF he even exists that is.

And right on cue here comes the fake outrage from the media and the legislature that almost seems as if it was already written up just waiting to go! Wow well how convenient is that..

Here is the text of above article.

California overreacts and presumes every homeschooling parent is a child abuser

California is seeking to treat homeschool families as presumptive child abusers. Lawmakers in that state have indicated plans to categorically require homeschool parents to prove — through home visits, interviews, and other government oversight — that indeed the parent is not abusive if they choose to exercise a legally protected and valid option for school choice. This measure would shift the burden to the parent to prove to the government’s satisfaction his or her parental fitness.

This is absurdly unconstitutional.

But in light of the remarkably horrifying case of Riverside County couple David and Louise Turpin, whose 13 children were reportedly chained, malnourished, and clearly abused, the media and lawmakers have chosen to focus on one coincidental detail — the Turpins were also registered as homeschoolers.

Using the Turpins’ case as one extreme example to bolster their platform, legislators are now looking to increase government regulations of homeschooling in California, which may lay the groundwork for increased regulation nationwide.

Already, state legislators have suggested they will introduce legislation to cure the supposed “problem” of laxity in private school choice options, which includes homeschooling.

Suggested measures have included options for involuntary quarterly home visits and interviews from child protective services and other government agencies. This kind of government regulation and oversight would reduce the valid legal option of homeschooling from a fundamental parental right, to direct the education and school choice for children, to compelled consent to government intrusion upon the sanctity and privacy of the home and school choice.

These kinds of alarming “solutions” to an unfounded problem rises to the level of a government search of the family’s home and interviews of children, under the pretext that homeschool choice infers that parents are more likely to be child abusers. It’s a similar illogical path as inferring that because a person chooses to be an independent contractor as a legitimate employment option, they are more likely to evade tax filings, or because a person chooses to exercise any other valid legal option, they are doing so for some other unrelated nefarious purpose, and on that basis alone the government has grounds to treat them as suspect.

Moreover, the data just aren’t there to support any logical connection between homeschooling as a school choice option and child abuse. In published studies among such experts as the World Health Organization, the U.S. Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities, the American Psychological Association, theMayo Clinic, and others, none of these sources list homeschooling as a risk factor for child abuse and neglect. In other words, there is no evidence or data to even suggest that homeschooled children are being harmed or at risk of harm at a rate higher than children in other nonhomeschooled and private schooling communities.

In fact, the data suggest the complete opposite in terms of the benefits to children who are enrolled in alternative school choice options, specifically homeschooling.

In a recent piece in Business Insider titled “Homeschooling could be the smartest way to teach kids in the 21st century — here are 5 reasons why,” Chris Weller discusses how homeschooling is not only a mainstream choice, but also that “homeschooled kids have the same access to online learning, friendships, and extracurricular activities as the typical public school student — but without many of the drawbacks, like standardized lesson plans and bullying.” Many parents choose homeschooling to better tailor the educational and environmental needs of children.

The law also recognizes the fundamental right of the parent to make choices about their child’s education and upbringing, and homeschooling is a valid legal option in all 50 states. For lawmakers to correlate instances like the Turpins, where child abusers are also homeschoolers, is to manufacture a problem looking for a solution.

The data is insufficient to make that correlation a legitimate argument.. that homeschooling is the causal factor precipitating abuse.

Further, these types of proposed “solutions” pose a myriad of constitutional problems. First, it treats homeschool families as suspect child abusers without any legitimate legal basis. It is similar to requiring all drivers to undergo a breath or blood test to prove they are not under the influence simply because they chose to exercise a valid legal option of driving.The Constitution requires the government to have probable cause before any test, and the burden is always on the government to prove their case, not for an individual to waive the presumption of innocence simply because they chose to drive. Parents who choose to “drive” in the homeschool lane constitutionally must have all of the same rights and protections as parents who choose to “drive” in the traditional public school lane.

Second, this would unconstitutionally force warrantless searches within the privacy of a family dwelling and subjects compelled testimony from children that is expressly for the purposes of potential future litigation. Imagine if the government could label any category of parent as alleged child abusers and thus treat the parents as suspect. What if your choice as a parent to raise your children in California suddenly meant the government could invade your home and look for evidence you might be a child abuser simply because the Turpins also resided in California?

In Iowa, a measure was introduced last year to force all families operating under the state’s Independent Private Instruction Choice or the Private Instruction Choice to undergo an annual assessment. The bill would mandate that every homeschool family’s home is involuntarily invaded once per quarter, with government officials interviewing or observing every child in the household registered as a homeschooler and perform a “check on the health and safety” of the children.There was no clear definition of what “health and safety” meant in the context of the checks, nor did the measure advance any constitutional basis for such a search.

Homeschool Legal Defense Association, President Mike Smith said in a message last week to members and friends of the organization, “These efforts incorrectly assume that homeschooling is the problem here. Hasty legislation based on horrific and criminal behavior — behavior that has nothing to do with homeschooling — would be unfair to the thousands of law-abiding families in California who work hard to provide a safe and loving environment for their children. ”Child abuse does happen, and it is a terrible thing. But we have to be very careful not to overreact and presume all parents are child abusers. They aren’t. We must preserve the presumption of innocence and constitutional protections for every family and parent in the context of school choice and in all areas of parental rights.”


Wow…so there it is…they are using this fake event to take rights away from parents. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t trust the govt to come in and interview my child. I feel like words might be twisted if the case worker is corrupt enough. They’ve been known to conjure up ridiculous reasons to take children away when they want the child bad enough for whatever nefarious reason.

And people would be shocked just how often stories in the news are now complete and utter fabrications. Always for a specific agenda. 

For example, the Los Angeles mainstream media just got caught completely fabricating a big news story last week.

I keep trying to explain to everyone that almost all big news stories now are fake…but most ppl dont seem to get it… they always say “not everything is a hoax”. I’m like…um yeah…actually.. it IS!”

We are being bombarded with one psyop Gladio B staged event at a time. Operation Gladio, occurred throughout Europe mostly from 1960-1990. But the current so called Operation Gladio B (which is also Northwoods II) is much more sophisticated. Gladio B, unlike Gladio (A) is being conducted in an era of mass psychological terror and deception made possible by technology, legalized propaganda, fake terror groups, and a clear end-game scenario where the ruling elite know that faking an “event” has the same effect as an “actual event”. Few are considering Gladio B, which we should be in a highly technological AI era….and we must realize that it is a much more sophisticated operation this time around.

Our rogue government is now wildly slapping together one staged psyop event after another… to keep the attention of the masses away from important things and create laws that otherwise would not even be considered. Problem, reaction, solution. They create the problem, wait for the public’s reaction to it, then provide the solution which otherwise would never have been brought up or considered without the problem THEY created in the first place.

And the reason they dont kill ppl in these false flags (like Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, etc.) is not because they value human life…but because it gets messy and loved ones demand answers and do thing like sue. When real grief is involved it changes the entire dynamic and all bets are off…..they are control freaks. IT’S ALL ABOUT BEING ABLE TO CONTROL THE STORY AT EVERY LEVEL. That’s why they keep pulling these hoaxes on the public and covering them as real news stories. Because when its a fake fabricated story with crisis actors THEY can control the narrative. When real people with real emotions are involved all bets are off the table.

I know its hard to swallow that our own govt is doing this to us but you need to understand that a law was passed in 2013 making propaganda against the American public completely LEGAL. Let me repeat…it is now legal for our govt to air propaganda (aka fake stories) to the American ppl.

The Smith-Mundt act was repealed in 2013 which was put in place decades ago to protect the American ppl against a fascist govt who might do these kinds of things. Well in 2013 it was repealed authorizing our own govt (for the first time in history) to use propaganda against us via the news media.

This means that it is now COMPLETELY LEGAL for our own govt and news media to create THEATRE in order to manipulate the American people. Mainstream media can now under LAW lie, manipulate, stage and straight up manufacture news events and stories in order to gain public support and mold public opinion. Most ppl cannot imagine they’d do this to us but it’s b/c most ppl don’t think like sociopaths.

You need to realize that the media doesn’t spend hours & hours of coverage on something w/out there being a specific directive and purpose behind it.

Anytime there is a big news story being covered by our sold out govt controlled media for days on end and they’re using it to make changes in the law that take away more of our rights and freedoms you better take a good long look at it.

They are proven liars who stage psyop after psyop on us. The default position must now be disbelief until proven otherwise.

We know that the New World Order is almost here and that no huge news story is randomly being told by coincidence. There is an argument to be made that if the government and media did that now that might be considered wasted resources. All big news stories now have a specific purpose.

Do NOT underestimate the PRICS (psychopaths really in charge). When you have unlimited money, resources, technology and power, and you are HELL BENT on conditioning the population you can and will do just about anything. They can and they do… Don’t be deceived.

As long as we keep putting up with these complete fabrications they are going to keep using them to draft whatever legislation they feel like. We need to stand up and say no more. 

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  • The Troubles

    :idea: The Cesspool called Cali-fornia, is just that. Back in the 1970os California was a decent and pretty good overall. We moved out of California (Wrong Beach) in 1993 and have never looked back. This state has now become a Liberal Utopian Hell Hole. Thanks to the good folks (Citizens) that always and contentiously Vote in the Communist/Socialists as their choosen political leaders. Fools is what they are. :???:

    :arrow: I had returned to the LA area back in 2011, I was completely taken back at the amount of inner city decay and filth. Sad, so very sad. :cry: :cry:

    :arrow: :arrow: Shocking how fast Southern Calififornia went to a total and complete SHIT-HOLE, during the 18 year period, from 1993 to 2011. :eek:

    18 years of having the Bush (X2), Clinton and Obummers as Presidents, whom attempted to RUN the Goobermints Executive Branch. All 3 of the former Presidents have caused great Harm to The United States. All 3 of them are TRAITORS. What a flipping MESS. :mad:

    Q-anon this and that. When will one of the above mentioned former POTUS’s be arrested and charged and detained without bail, for destroying The USA? When? :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    • PaulTarsuss

      Yep, and the ‘celebrities’ and tech ‘moguls’ sit above it all, perched precariously on high, as ‘lords of the flies’. With celebrity jewel heists taking place when they are out doing movies, making the news regularly, how long do you think it’d take for the mobs to gut their haughty havens when it all goes down?

      “La La Land” don’t begin to do it justice.

      Watch, the Big One will hit during a record heat wave; They’ll call it….

      The Big Bake ‘N Shake.

    • 50 Shades of Pissed Off

      I live here in Northern CA. Just a few miles north of Sacramento and it’s not THAT bad here. I am from San Diego though so I know So Cal is a whole diff world. That’s why the north wanted to split from the south here in Cali. We are sick of the liberals dictating everything.

  • Anonymous

    As a CA public school gets more ghetto-ized, the colored majority of students will all start to take after gang members, and the remaining minority of whites will all start to look like skinheads.

    From what I could gather, their fathers were dead. Their elder siblings were in prison and told my classmates how to run the school as a prison.

    As an unwritten rule, people usually segregated themselves, voluntarily.

    I was lucky to find my group, be large, fit, and smart, except the teachers would manipulate grades, for political reasons. I showed up, on time, paid attention, and did all the inane, busywork — too easily. You would have to bring something to read, all day. It was like jury duty. (Did space-case teachers even know whether my work was done.)

    Many were contentiously fired for sexual indiscretions and drugs, which they just couldn’t keep at home. (How they coped with it.)

    Luckily, we were allowed to bring our own food. They charged unrealistic prices, to the few people who could afford it. It was always spoiled, stale, had a green film. People found maggots and rodents, but many from the surrounding community were getting two free meals a day, there, or going hungry.

    I am never going to cover for this.

    I have read — on my own time and money, not under compulsion. The productive, children’s hobbies of yesteryear were more demanding than many of our adult jobs. “Obsolete” middle school primers, have been throw away from the public library, but were more disciplined than our colleges. Public schooling, and our institutions, are a hoax, intended to dumb you down. They give social promotions to people, of lacking social graces, who can barely clean and dress themselves.

  • Tedx

    The reason the swamp gets away with this, and will continue to get away with this, is because according to psychometric scientists, 98 percent of adult Americans are biologically incapable of EVER experiencing Intelligent Human Thought (I.Q. at least half way from the mean score to the lowest score of the genius category). The fluoride-lobotomy program was a smashing success. Now the unwashed masses of American droolers believe anything they are told by corporate propaganda agents. “Must be true. They said it on TV.”

    • Anonymous

      TV says, they are are Matilda, Harriet the Spy, or a Norse god, when they’re not living on Jersey Shore.

      If I wanted to teach someone objective morality, I would make my students demonstrate how to use the (sparse) course material in a real-life situation.

      • chuckles42

        the public school system is a VERY BAD joke to take control of the childred and away from the parents. demonic as hell as is the foster parent program. there is nothing that the government is in charge of that is for the betterment of society! NEARLY ALL of the teachers are liberal jackasses . they really need to be in prison along with MOST of the politions in ca. like roberta sanchez, nancy paloci , feinstein, brown, and most others that are trying to ruin the ,used to be greatest state in america and it is now without a doubt the very WORST !!!!!!!

    • PaulTarsuss

      They won’t continue to get away with it. None of us will. Mankind’s millennial roller coaster ride of risen and fallen empires is very close to it’s end. No longer will he be allowed to dominate his fellow man to his own destruction. Our Creator will not allow us to take our dysfunction into the cosmos.

      The earth’s crust is destabilizing beneath our feet, volcanoes are waking up or popping up around the globe, especially in the ocean’s where the crust is thinnest; Quakes, Tsunamis, and insane weather extremes are here in abundance. The moon now tugs on our planet like a a lasso at a rodeo show, and the sun, well, you get the picture….

      It was all foretold to the letter how these events would start, increase, and play out. According to our Creator’s Word, it all culminates in a world wide earthquake, like the world has never seen since mankind was placed upon the earth.

      The fact that there would hardly even BE an entertainment media without movies or TV shows centering on Apocalypse scenarios should at least be a clue here. They drop hints for the ‘clever’ to figure it out, but by and large, such entertainment serves to desensitize the masses, programming them to react adversely to the Truth about the lateness of the hour, replying often with something like, “You’re crazy, you been watching too many movies”….

      Well, we’re living in one. And it’s a thriller, horror, sci-fi, dark comedy, and mockumentary all roled into one.

      And when you see the producers pull funding, directors disappearing, without telling most of the actors and the huge entourage of ‘extras’….

      Well, you get the idea.

      It’s past High Time to get back to the feet of Christ while one can. There is no place to go but UP.

      May He find us working what is good toward all upon His return!

      Good Journeys

  • Anonymous

    They’re all crisis actors, in this case a number of child crisis actors. They have to start somewhere, you know. Fact is, nothing that has ever happened really happened. Truth be known, history books should simply be blank pages. When you think about it, this would make it a lot easier to get an ‘A’ in history class, as if not to mention how you could use your textbook to keep a journal.

  • Pink Slime

    This is THE WAY communist and leftist view Christians. Like that Syrian official who said Israel eat’s the hearts of their children or something.

    If they home-school they have to be chaining their kids to their beds, right?? Yeah right.

    America is filling their government chambers with these FATHERLESS MORONS! Hoards of communist, radicals, leftist, atheist, sodomites, liberals and FATHERLESS MORONS, (I think I mentioned that already) are just lining up to be your NEXT representative. :arrow: :neutral:

  • Hayduke

    After reading that Sister 50 Shades used to ride her motorcycle to the beach with her surfboard, not wearing a shirt, I find it hard to concentrate on what she posts. :shock: :shock: :eek:

    • 50 Shades of Pissed Off

      What?? You’re thinking of somebody else.
      I never said that.

      • Anonymous

        Mitch51 is confused, actually, has confused you with Lisa Haven. I don’t know if it’s for the baloney or some other reason, but it’s certain such a vision is quite traumatic, given that Haven, fully clothed, is more than the average person can take. You have to see it as PTSD and have some sympathy for Mitch51 or anybody who’s watched more than 30 seconds of a Lisa Haven video, without wearing eclipse glasses or such, anyway. I would strongly recommend opaque glasses, while we’re on the subject. And earplugs.

        • 50 Shades of Pissed Off


  • Ideas Time

    Is anyone really surprised? Anything reported by the MSM is a spin or a lie. Few sites report the truth. Most of the big sites are all paid to spread disinformation these days and anything coming out of dc is designed to cover up the real truth.

  • Man

    cognitive dissonance at full swing.

    “nothing bad can happen to my community because i won’t accept it when it does happen….”

    that is the reason why so many living in the 50′s was so great, because they ignore what was so bad about it

  • dakota

    OK. Who fabricated that story? Arrest them. Fraud. Misrepresentation. Citizen’s Arrest.

  • Jenny-Lei

    Thank god I’ve found someone talking about this. Saw this on day one and NOBODY else can see it, it’s been driving me crazy.

    1. The hand/arm coming around the front of the child with “Thing 10″ was the most obvious for the following reasons;
    A. It doesn’t appear to proportionately belong to anybody
    B. The tone of the skin is off by comparison to the others
    C. It’s resting in an unnatural position
    D. Seems larger than it should by proportionately
    2. Right Above that pasty hand/arm on said child is another little hand entangled in said child’s hair.
    A. The hand goes back to form an arm in a red sleeved jacket that belongs to nobody as the mothers arm is above it
    B. Arm is made to look like part of the baby to me?
    3. Hair below the ears of said child and child 7 (Thing 7) appears to be the same. Possible cut and paste?
    4. The baby is missing his pointer finger and it’s thumb
    5. Hand on the shoulder of child wearing thing 7 shirt appears to have a greyed out looking arm and shoulder coming off it. If you follow it down you can see the greyed out leg that goes ith it.
    6. Hand coming around child wearing thing 12 shirt in very unnatural pose
    7. Two girls ni back row next to the boy seems to be crudely added as an after-thought
    8.Two girls with the hand shake pose is off
    9. Girl on the far left appears to have a hunch-back according to where the hand around he neck is sitting
    10. Smudge tool used on forehead of thing 10 and 12 at least
    11. Thing three and the brother appear to have their arms down where their body meets at the shoulder…very odd

    There are more that I’ve noticed with leg placement and so on but this will do for now.

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