The Language of Liquid #2

Day began with waking to the call of a curlew, winter on wings, piping in the day. Day began with posting something off, a proposal, for something new, which may happen, but might not. Then walking the hounds. Beautiful horses, home in the distance, a biting cold sneaking in, and…

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Амели by Ekaterina Diordieva
By Baroness Photos on Monday Mar 19 2018 06:42
Stretching by Adriano Chiovati
By Baroness Photos on Monday Mar 19 2018 06:42
By Clair Hartmann on Monday Mar 19 2018 07:03

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Амели by Ekaterina Diordieva

Stretching by Adriano Chiovati

The Language of Liquid #2

Time, ink, courage and breathe.

swim by Denise Kwong

Vertical Blue by Kurt Arrigo

glittergirl by Sollena - Photography (Sandra)

sunset by Kai Ziehl

Cabin fever by Grizz

portal by Taya Iv

Flat-lay of white almond blossom flowers wreath by Anna Ivanova

Englewood, Chicago Fire Fighter by Blake Pleasant

Toast with mashed avocado, egg and cheese by Vladislav Nosick

Hiding beauty by Daniel Kordan

Schiefmäulchen by Elke Vogelsang

IMG_8280.jpg by Kelly Wood

Lady of the Falls by Isaac Gautschi

© chicheri by raquel chicheri

Expecto Petronum! by Jennifer Kapala

Freckle art by Jovana Rikalo

Sri Lankan fishermen by Gaby Barathieu

The Language of Liquid

Collagraph: Morocco (making a collagraph with mat board and construction paper)

Tube Stories 38 by Eric Paré

Garden Golden (Green tumb) by Dina Belenko

tetris by André Josselin

Earth From Above by Tobias Hägg

Pull Me From The Floor by Felix Russell-Saw

Lovely friend by Nattapon Sritrairat

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