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“Magic is deception.” The Washington Times says the technology “will change the world on a scale hardly seen in human history.” It’s happened and you probably didn’t even notice! It’s happening all around us!! It’s producing a global roll-out of unprecedented proportions. With recently received FCC approval, the manufacturing phase

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Shark Bytes

Stephen Hawking | A Tribute

Keshe Foundation: 215th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Mar 15, 2018

Atlanta Police Capture Creature Which Should Not Exist

Keshe Foundation: 214th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Mar 8 2018

Pagan Priest of Bohemian Grove Blows Whistle on FBI

Technology is a double edged sword that we wield that must be handled with care less we cut off one of our own limbs

"Ghost Hunters" host Jason Hawes buys Haunted House in Georgia, known locally as the Gateway to Hell

Steve Pieczenik Breaks Down Q Anon AI Based PSYOP War

Planet X/Hercolubus: 22 Signs of its Approach

The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012

Great Pyramid of Giza and the Ark of the Covenant Mysterious Connection (+Video)

Skinwalker or Werewolf Kills 2 Boys in Arizona (Warning: Graphic Content)

Keshe Foundation: Exploring Plasma Science, Part 3 Feb 19 2018

A Fountain of Youth Discovered

What Really Killed the Aztecs and It Wasn't What You Think (Video)

Keshe Foundation: 211th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Feb 15, 2018

What do the Zimbabwe UFO Kids remember as Adults?

Time Traveler Video , Documented Must See!

Time Traveller Noah Novak, Lie Detector Tested and Implant X-Rayed

Keshe Foundation: Exploring Plasma Science Part 2 - Feb 12 2018

FLU OUTBREAK hits UNITED STATES in 2018 very roughly

Magnesium Ferrosilicon Market Worldwide: Market Dynamics And Trends, Efficiencies Forecast 2023

What You Must Do, When Aliens Attack

The Flu: “Safe” Today – But How About Next Month? (Video)

Dicyandiamide Market Segmentation And Analysis By Recent Trends, Development Trends And Growth Rate By Regions To 2023

Keshe Foundation: Exploring Plasma Science Part 1 - February 5, 2018

Appreciating African Genius

Keshe Foundation: 209th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Feb 1, 2018

Men Waging War against the Dog Head Tribes

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