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Q Posts (1520 – 1544) 6.18.18 / WTH Is Going on Q Team ? Note : These posts come from and, these are supposed to be like mirrors of each other. This is where I have always pulled the Q Posts from. I pulled Q posts 1519 -

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The Church Becoming a Circus, Part 2

Q Posts (1564 -1582) 6.21.18 / "FF prevented. Next. Immigration / child separation." "Iran next." "Abandon ship! Hussein staff talking." "TOGETHER. WWG1WGA! #WINNING" Q

ALERT! Pennsylvania on the Verge of Losing Their 2nd Amendment Rights. Bill Fails By One Vote.

The Church Becoming a Circus, Part 1

Steamboat Geyser erupted a 10th Time with Magma Amassing Beneath Yellowstone Scientists say

Denise Matteau's Daughter Was Not Murdered

Q Posts (1545 - 1563) 6.19.18 / "What a Wonderful Day. ES in the Front Row. GOOG Access Kills. [J C] Happy Hunting D" "Pain. Pain. Pain." Q!

Denise Matteau Displays Symptoms of Paranoid Personality Disorder

Hawaii volcano eruption UPDATE: USGS fears YEARS will pass before Kilauea lava empties

Q Posts (1520 - 1544) 6.18.18 / WTH Is Going on Q Team ?

Disease ‘X’ Kills Hundreds In China: 40 Mortality Rate An Unusually Dangerous Virus For Humans

Global Control Grid & The Black Budget with Catherine Austin Fitts & Dark Journalist

Delusional Ramblings of Denise Matteau, Here We Go Again...

Q Posts (1500 - 1519) 6.16.18 / "What Came Out in IG Report? JC Gmail. They All Had Them." "ES Is Key. What a Wonderful Day."


Pole Shift Caused Kilauea Volcano's Magnetic Field to Flow in the OPPOSITE direction of the planet

The 1984 Issue of Penn Magazine NOW AVAILABLE ...

Four Important Meetings and How They Differed

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano is raining down green gems on homes

Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser Just Erupted For a 9th Time

Q Posts (1462 - 1499) 6.15.18 / "Certain Events Were Not Suppose to Take Place." "Comms Dark. Ghost-CON Active. Approval 58203-JX "

Lava Boils Away Largest Lake on Big Island - Green Lake Gone in About 90 Minutes

Public hearings in German Bundestag: newest history of Ukraine is written in blood

Q Posts (1441 - 1476) 6.12.18 / "Start the Clock." "Track All Suicides." "FF Weather Alert (WW). Stay Vigilant and Maintain Situational Awareness. Q"

Q Posts (1441 - 1448) 6.10.18 / "Start the Clock. A Week to [Remember]." "Evidence Kills. These people are Stupid"

Q : "We Are Saving Israel for Last" / The End of the World That the Talmud Generated / A Jewish Perspective

Hawaii Volcano Eruption Unusual Freezing Rain Stuns Scientists After Lava Explosion

Is There a White Hat Global Reset About to Happen, Instead of the Planned Deep State Version ?

Asia Argento SLAMS Weinstein And Hollyweird Sex Creeps

Spy Devices Which Track Cellphones, Intercept Calls Found All Over D C , Md , Va