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American Everyman American Everyman was started in June of 2007 by me, Scott Creighton, as an on-line diary more than anything else, but as time went on it became an expression of change. My change. It’s a collection of theories, writing, news, rants, doodles, and just jumbled up words stuck on a page floating in an eternity of “1″s and “0″s. I focus on exploring the truth about what happened on Sept. 11th 2001, the plight of the Palestinian people, and the ever quickening tide of globalization (New World Order) in America. Sometimes these topics mean we look at current events, sometimes they require us to shake off what we have been taught about our history; what we have done to other people in other nations. I do this now because I know these stories, these truths, may not survive the turning. Our nation looks to be on the verge of a totally new system of government – not socialism, not democracy, not even the constitutional republic which it was formed… but something else entirely. So I write these articles and post these posts in hopes that others will learn or start to. American Everyman is just one of a diminishing number of websites dedicated to exposing what really lies behind the side show of politics and the artificial glory of our history. What started out as simply a little personal journal of sorts has been viewed and accepted by many others and is widely read. I am very pleased with that. I hope you enjoy the site. If you wish to give me a suggestion or just tell me off (you won’t be the first so at least make it unique), my email is below. Thanks for stopping by. Scott Creighton – American Everyman
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