King of Shambhala
Let us see if people are open to the truth: before now people have been closed to the truth and oblivious of reality... Obama is the Antichrist because the Number of the Antichrist 666 was drawn in the lottery of his homestate the day after his election. I am the only one spreading that news which makes me be THE ONE and I am also the Man of Wisdom of the Bible (The Messiah and the Second Coming of Jesus) because I explain the meaning of 666 as being Obamas money (because what a lottery means, is money). I studied Tibetan language and culture at Frances Paris Dauphine University. Then I did 28 years of post-university research upon Kalachakra, Tibets famous deity heralding the Apocalypse. I follow the Sakya School (of the powerful royal Tibetan and spiritual Sakya lineage) of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, (the highest form of culture in the world), not the Dalai Lama school and am a 46-year religious of that Sakya School. Because of my seniority in that school, I am the worlds foremost representative of it and of its Khon line of rulers: Tibets first most powerful rulers. The Khon lineage is now extinct in Tibet and this lineage was been passed on to the West. I now represent it by my seniority in spreading it to the world through the Buddhas Deeds. Whereas the Christian Apocalypse is outside my field of Buddhism, nevertheless because I am alone to reveal that Obama is the Antichrist (by relying upon 666 omen found in Obamas hometowns Lottery, the day after Obama’s election) that makes me the Messiah not just for Buddhism but for every faith worldwide even in Asia, be it Christianity or all the others. The reasons why am I indeed involved in the Christian Apocalypse are that it is linked to my own Buddhist Apocalypse prophecy Kalachakra. Indeed, so as also to debunk criticism from the forces who support Obama, here is the reason… I use the Christian word Antichrist because the Buddhist Apocalypse prophecy of Kalachakra, predicts the announced evil Demon-King Krinmati will be of partly Christian faith. The Buddhist Kalachakra will thus combat that partly Christian demon: Obama the Antichrist. The terms of Messiah or Jesus are not Buddhist concepts. To Buddhists, the King of Shambhala is the World Saviour. Obamas Islam is the worst thing existing in the world. I\'m not racist about Obamas colour of skin nor homophobic about him being a homo. Those are his only good qualities (as seen by Leftists), seeing Obama\'s an illegal undocumented alien with no name we can speak of. I have no hatred, being a Buddhist and respect,- in Obamas case, gays,(Obama is what the Bible calls [Gay] Abomination) blacks, Communists, Jews, Christians, Radicals etc... Obama has got a strange scar like the Mortal Head Wound of the Bible. winding from throat all around the head to the crown up both sides. But that wound may also be allegorical and be the number 666 which cursed him since election-day. About the Biblical Abomination that Antichrist-Obama represents look at the fact that he is life-member of notorious [gay] club Mans Country in Chicago. See the article: Washington Insider: Obama Member of Chicago Gay Mans Club Further signs of Obama being the Antichrist are that on Obamas victory-day the Illinois Lottery drew 666 (Obamas hometown is Chicago, IL.) The Illinois lottery is seen by more than 50 million people, on all TVs, radios etc. in the 5 Great Lakes States it is played in. The 666 draw in that Lottery dashed Obamas hopes of success because from that moment onwards, for 50 million people, he was thus marked as the Antichrist. Contact me in the articles comments so as to organize the Messengers of the Apocalypse. Or on Twitter: You Tube: Google:
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