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UN resolution 3379 declares zionism is a kind of racism. ( 10 sept. 1975 )

Retired US Colonel: Israel Is Dragging the United States Into World War III

Jonathan Kleck Biggest Reveal: Obama the Serpent From the Garden, it Is Finished!

Benjamin Fulford: February 26, 2018 - The Knights Templar Are Coming Back!

Threat On Tel Aviv

What is a Jew?

UN Wants to Ship Africans from Israel to “Safe Western Countries”

Israel Gives Africans 60 Days to Leave: West’s Jewish Controlled Media Silent

Revelations From YHVH About the Super Blue Blood Moon Event and the End of Days

Israel: African Deportations will Happen, Promises Foreign Minister

New Orleans repeals human rights resolution to shield Israel

Israel will pay civilians $9,000 to capture African migrants

Israeli Obstacles to Peace

They Mention Russia, While Ignoring Israel: Meet the spies injecting Israeli propaganda into your news feed

Hannity: DOJ Has Started Recovering Missing Peter Strzok FBI Texts

Rabbi Reichhorn's Protocols

Shocking Video of Nikki Haley Groveling and Pandering at AIPAC Event (Israel Lobby)

Trump Apologizes (Fake News)

Zionist Lobby Admits Mass Immigration is a Priority

The World In 2018 - Are You Prepared For What Is Coming?

Mik Jordahl: Why can’t I represent Arizona inmates if I boycott Israel?

Israel changes law to make it harder to cede Jerusalem control

Israel orders 38000 African migrants to Get Out or face imprisonment

Israel: History, Curses, Lies, Retribution

Benjamin Fulford: Dec 25, 2017 - The 13 Illuminati Bloodline Families Sue for Peace

In Last Hours of Presidency, Obama Gave Away $221 Million!

Israeli Forces Kidnap 16-Year-Old Ahed Tamimi and Her Entire Family

Trump shows his Jewish colors – Sholom Rubashkin----VIDEO


The Grand End Times Alliance is Formed as Trump Declares Economic War on China

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