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Why Dems Embrace ‘Sh*t Hole’ Countries: Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

Saturday, January 13, 2018 11:04
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Bertrand Daily Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues
By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.
Humans range from being the brightest most educated and wealthy, but in contrast down to being uneducated, disease ridden, poor and extremely nasty. Is it America’s mission to further destroy the country by allowing an immigration system that “welcomes” everyone?
Back when America erected the Statue of Liberty in 1886, a gift from France….NOT TRUE !
The structure of a woman standing in view on Ellis Island was an appalling scene to all women in the United States that did not have the “Liberty” to vote. The statue was a site of protest, only after the original plan for Auguste Bartholdi’s statue (of his mother) to be sold to Egypt, but they didn’t want it and it showed-up in America. From Philadelphia to Boston, Bartholdi attempted to gain enough funding for his artwork, which both cities couldn’t afford. However, the selling point was the need for a light house on Liberty Island, and up she went !
From 1892 to 1943 over 12 million immigrants showed-up in New York (legally).
The Statue of Liberty (the “Roman Goddess”) became a tourist attraction and a “Symbol of Liberty” that keeps-on giving and is now the EXCUSE for Liberals to welcome non-vetted immigrants from every corner of the world. In the early days, the immigrants were mostly all Europeans that escaped the clutches of a Europe, in and out of wars, persecution for their religious Rights, and enticed by their fellow immigrants & families inside America, prospering in their own dreams of production and land grabs across America. The push to take-over land from the Indians while stealing resources in the west became the “American Dream” on steroids.
Our ancestors from Europe, including those from Africa, built America from the ground up and the Industrial Revolution turned a poor Indian inhabitant and dominated country into a super power. We transformed a impoverished land into a well oiled machine for production for all…including impoverished nations around the world.
As America grew, the shining light above the Statue of Liberty began to welcome an influx of immigrants from around the world as airline travel expanded.
Men came back from wars and they brought their foreign wives with them, the family not far behind. “Operation Paperclip” brought thousands of hardcore NAZI’s and their families from Germany to help build the war machine, and illegal immigration began to take hold from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean during the 50′s.
Mexico was not much of a problem during the 50′s and 60′s when ranchers along the southwest border welcomed the temporary migrants each year. Going back and forth across the border with ease was a yearly event. As organized crime and drugs became prevalent, the semi-annual Mexican migrant was forced to stay in America in-order to avoid the heavy “tax” of crossing the border, or being killed.
The Mexican government turned a blind eye because the government and high ranking officials began to see the fruits of the illegal alien worker’s labor…..a good percentage of their earned wages were sent back to Mexico where families use(d) those funds to increase production. The “tax” by the drug cartel for an illegal alien to cross into the United States went partially into the pockets of corrupt officials along the border. Today is the same and border security agreements between the U.S. are semi non-existent.
In the Caribbean, human trafficking from Haiti is a monstrous endeavor with rotten boats ending-up anywhere along the Florida coast on any given day. Cubans fleeing Cuba was a daily event and has somewhat subsided with Fidel Castro’s death and the a booming tourist industry.
China continues to be a problem, illegal aliens showing-up on ships at Vancouver Canada and ports of Mexico, ultimately making their way into the United States.
Most every poor country can be counted as illegal aliens make their way in to the U.S., un-vetted and potentially dangerous. Basically….it’s “open season” on America, and the Statue of Liberty has become nothing more than a Liberal excuse to allow the insanity to continue.
Cracking down on “shit hole” countries from sending their “tired and their poor” has become the latest attack on a president that speaks for like minded Americans of all color that agree “enough is enough” give us a break, let America rebuild it’s impoverished “shit hole” cities like Detroit and Baltimore, let us rebuild our infrastructure, highways and railroads….let us slow down the diseases costing tax payers dearly in health costs. Let us stop the drugs that accompany a good percentage of illegal aliens as their passage for payment and most of all….let’s stop “Chain Migration” and “Anchor Baby” citizenship.
There are approximately 50 “shit-hole” countries in the world, where dictators and puppet leaders live in luxury, fly where they want to in the world, have the best food and slave labor, and because THEY know that America has been weak on immigration, those countries send their diseased, poorest, and mainly criminals to our borders.
Cuba’s Fidel Castro took President Jimmy Carter up on his Liberal request to “let the Cuban people leave if they want !”
In a matter of days and weeks, South Florida welcomed thousands of new welfare recipients into the United States as boats and planes arrived in Miami, to only learn later…they were mostly the criminals released from Cuban prisons. The sham was called the Mariel Boatlift of 1980.
“In all, 125,000 Cubans fled to U.S. shores in about 1,700 boats, creating large waves of people that overwhelmed the U.S. Coast guard. Cuban guards had packed boat after boat, without considering safety, making some of the overcrowded boats barely seaworthy. Twenty-sevenmigrants died, including 14 on an overloaded boat that capsized on May 17.”
The “Marielitos” invaded Miami like a swarm of bees on honey. The impact on Miami is portrayed in the movie “Scarface” and the old saying back then when I was growing-up in Miami, “Will the last American leaving Miami please bring the flag with you.” I bailed out and never went back….the inner-city areas, like “Little Haiti” and “Little Havana,” along with the Colombian and other South American enclaves has made Miami a real “shit-hole.”
However, like most any “shit hole” there are very nice and attractive areas for tourists and those with money, but like any “shit hole” in the world, a tourist has a 50/50 chance of being raped, killed or robbed in the hidden backstreets where poverty and disgust lives.
Cancun is a good example, where the street lights and signs glisten along the beachfront, but on the backside of the hotel row, it’s dark and nasty.
I worked a flight from Paris to Mumbai and down to Madras India one afternoon and we unloaded about 100,000 pounds of freight near the terminal. It was my job as the DC-10 First Officer to take the paperwork to the Civil Aviation Office in the terminal. As I walked into the terminal, it was like a bombed-out large building with little to no activity. No airliners on the ramp that afternoon, but a few really nasty looking people sleeping on the floor with feces and urine everywhere. The smell was horrendous and reminded me of Nigeria and Port-au-Prince Haiti. The name “shit hole” is an under statement.
Did I say to myself….”Hey, those are typical black people!” In India, they’re sort of Black, I don’t even know and I don’t care. Humans of any color can be nasty and disgusting, and if a president has the nerve to call any particular country a “shit hole” is he ONLY talking about Blacks? Not at all….he’s referring to “the country” of those that are likely impoverished / diseased candidates for immigration into the United States…a push the socialist / communists want in-order to facilitate their political agenda to increase welfare, food stamps, socialized medicine and to assure the DNC a win in 2020.
America is maxed-out with illegal and legal immigrants and it’s time to begin the process of vetting those that can contribute to the American way and not to the DNC Liberals and the hundreds of different foreign enclaves hidden in various parts of our major cities.
Let us not allow “shit hole” cities like Detroit and Baltimore be the example of Liberal passion to dictate the future of America with fake cries of “racism” and “bigotry” in-order to force President Trump from making America Great Again.
–Dave Bertrand

From The Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.) Int’l Airline Freight Captain (DC-8 & B-727 & First Officer DC-10), Veteran U.S. Army S. Korea (110th M.P. Co.) Vietnam era Sergeant, State Law Enforcement Background, Int’l Aircraft Repo/Recovery, DHS Trained (Former) Counter-Terrorism Instructor, Political Analyst and Activist to help “Make America Great Again.

My mission is to slice through the propaganda, encourage everyone to write and share important news among our network of patriots, military, law enforcement and selected news media sources (we trust). We are the pulse of America and we will prevail.

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  • Pink Slime

    Our ancestors from Europe, including those from Africa, built America from the ground up….

    What?? Negroes don’t build, make or invent anything. Our progress came mainly from European white immigrants and you cans see their impact everywhere. Go to Europe and see for yourself.

    Want to see how good a race is? Go back to their country and see what they have made of it. Chances are the same effect will be seen in yours.

    Negroes and “darkies” have sh*thole countries and they turn yours into one. :twisted:

    • Ted

      Black people brought here against their will, have contributed to our country greatly. Since they gained their freedom, they have continued to contribute, but there are some poor examples to be sure. Ever hear the term “plain white trash”?

      This youtube will back up some of what you’re saying, but I disagree with your last sentence.

  • Ted

    Well written, well said. The only reason the dems want these people here, is because they will be totally dependent on government, and therefore will likely vote democrat. :mad:

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