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It Is Time to Confiscate All Cars Where is David Hogg(wash) when you need him? Cars kill more people than guns and most diseases.. Why are people still driving? Pleas help me lead the fight to confiscate all guns, oops, I mean cars! PREPARE WITH DAVE– 4 WEEKS OF $250

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It Is Time to Confiscate All Cars

My Trip to Court and the Stories Cops Tell

Florida authorities use dead man's finger in attempt to unlock phone

Internet Giant Admits Analyzing Your Email and More

California Making it Illegal to Be a Christian Under Proposed Unconstitutional Bill

Officers who shot and killed Stephon Clark return to work; investigation still ongoing

Orange County Launches Attacks on the Homeless and Veterans

Rand Paul Destroys Trump - The Captured Presidency Is Exposed

Video Shows Cops Kill Unarmed Man for Complying With Order to ‘Get Hands Out of Pockets’

‘Military-Style Training’ Ban: Durham Becomes ‘First US City’ to Halt Police Exchanges With Israel

Facebook and the Deep State

Nobody Is Safe! Sen Rand Paul Warns That Police State Purges Are Coming

A Great Victory Over Tyranny by a True Patriot

Police use corporate 'Public Safety' apps to spy on everyone

The End of Free Speech in California Has Started! –We Must Stop Evil Jerry Brown Now Before it Is Too Late

Video of Cop Beating 13-Year-Old Girl so Horrific, His Own Cops Turned Him In

Police officer fired for not writing enough tickets

Josh Coy Exposes 2 Million Man FEMA Camp - Make This Go Viral!

Cops Kill Innocent 84yo Woman While Trying To Kill Her Mentally Ill Son in a Hail of Bullets

DHS’ Enemies of the State List Targets Alt Media - Major Purge Coming

Facebook Is Not Your Friend

Important, Read This: Supreme Court Rules for Police Officer in Excessive Force Case

Exclusive: Couple Spied on, Raided and Kidnapped by Feds for Peaceful Posts Questioning Gov’t  

Lying Is a Fundamental Part of American Police Culture

Graphic New Videos Show a Cop Try to Kill a Man for Improperly Crossing the Street

Donnie T. and the Psy-Op Kings. . .

Google Is Beta Testing the Police State Surveillance Grid in China - America’s Next

The Deep State’s Simultaneous Plan to Start WW III and Activate FEMA Camps

Costilla County Colorado Officials Using Phony Orders and Codes Maliciously to Run Americans Off Their Land!

The Elites Strike Back Across The Globe

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