Police State

The Face of a Failed Political and Social Movement

The Face of a Failed Political and Social Movement Bernie is trying to save a sinking ship that is called the Democratic Party. He is the face of a failed social and political movement. Tyranny is headed our way because Bernie willl not be able to convince enough Americans to

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The Face of a Failed Political and Social Movement

Amazon turns over record amount of customer data to US law enforcement

The Blame Game - Politics As Usual - "Watch Us" As The Elites Rob Us Blind

The Police in Santa Fe Attempted to Kidnap My Parents Dog - And I Got Cited For It

Blatant Racism and Treason Comes to the University of Texas Campus


Policing for Profit - Civilian Asset Forfeiture

What Are the Odds You Would Engage in State-Sponsored Murder? The Milgram Experiment

Nazism Part 2: Police: We're the Experts — Don't You Dare Criticize Us

Seattle Police Begin Nazi-Style Gun Confiscation: No Laws Broken, No Warrant, No Charges

New Executive Order Allows Mass Arrests of Deep State Elites

President Trump Is Failing to Protect the Very People Who Got Him Elected

YouTube Tyrants Now Attacking Your Ability to Think, Speak or Question the State… Are We Living Under Communist China?

2nd Hand Data - Urgent and Important

Rapper Takes Strong Stance Against Gun Control: T.I.: It’s Easier For ‘The Government To Enslave’ When Citizens Don’t Have Guns

The Prisoner Promised Land

Disturbing Video Shows Cops Kill Mentally Ill Unarmed Man As He Walked Toward Them

Texas rancher sues feds, state after finding surveillance camera on his property

See It: NYPD Cops Take $30M Worth of Booze, $10M in Cash From Bronx Business Owner During Weapons Search

The State Confiscated His Livelihood

Update: Unredacted Memo Set for Friday Morning Release

Body Cam Video Shows Cops Kill Grandma During Raid Over Marijuana Possession

6 Elements of Police Spin: An Object Lesson in Copspeak

Red Alert! Ron Paul Warns Police State Coming! House Resolution Makes Americans Have National ID Card

Man Calls 911 to Report Burglary, Cops Show up and Shoot Him

Any Fearless Congressman Could Legally Read the FISA Document on the House Floor

Bang! Secret FISA Memo Released...You Won’t Believe What's Inside…


Things Are Getting Worse, Not Better: Round Ups, Checkpoints and National ID Cards

72yo Grandma Shot Dead as SWAT Raided Her Home To Arrest Her Son For Marijuana