On August 28, 2016, the New York Post reported that Weiner had engaged in sexting with another woman and underage women and that is when things got a whole lot gross. LOT’s of DOTS connecting in this MAJOR episode of Qanon! All for a LARP – NO WAY! Executive Order

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Eminent Domain...You Have Been Sold Out to Foreigners for Massive US Credit/Debt...A Flood-Critical Attack of Epic Proportions Is Coming Against the Civilians of the USA/Babylon: Hoover Dam and Many Other National Monuments-Sites Will Be Destroyed Via Mega False Flag Government Sponsored Terrorist Attacks Designed to Put You in Fear and Panic in Order to Get Scared People to Seek Help Within FEMA Camps of Death...

WW3: Antarctica's Dirty Nuclear Secret, Reactor Malfunctions 438 Times In 9 Years (Video)

Q Anon: Mistake or on Purpose? Truth Revealed - What You Are About to Learn (Video)

The Zone Of Silence Portal Opening-Activation Event: This Strange Ancient Portal-Vortex Area And Many Others Throughout The World Are About To Break Their Silence Literally With Many Lost Things Swallowed Up By Intermittent Semi-Active Portals Returning To Odd Locations Around The World As These Portals Fully Energize. SELAH

The Taste Of Death Is Sweet, Tainted Cakes Full Of Anthrax: It Looks Like Cake Flour, So How Hard Would It Be For A Covert Government Agent To Mix It Into A Batch Of Cake Flour For A Royal Wedding. WAKE UP People...We Live In A Sinister World With Wicked People Hell Bent On Establishing A Satanic NWO

God Moved Upon the Face of the 'Waters' and The Woman in 'Purple' - Bible Truth Never Before Seen! (Video)

2019 NWO: Obama and Hillary Clinton Still Covertly Operating Will Soon Go Off the Radar When All Hell Breaks Loose Within the USA/Babylon and Later Emerge as the Two Main Wicked Leaders of the Satanic NWO After the USA/Babylon Is Destroyed and the Remaining Desperate Unwise Survivors Are Shipped as Slaves to NWO Holding Sectors/Semi-Climate Stable Green Zones to Work Out a Miserable Horrible Existence as Vampiric Chimeras During the Great Tribulation

Web Bot: Clif High: C60 & Preparing for Long Life, What's Next? New Sarah Westall 2018 Interview

Can You See, That The Outsourced Food At Prince Harry's Wedding Reception May Have Been Tainted With A Weaponized Form Of Ancient Anthrax Known As The Zombie Rage Apocalypse Retrovirus. Obama Has Extreme Hatred For The World Bully Empire Of Esau/Edomites/New Age Romans/The EAGLE Empire Because They Stand In The Way Of A More Sinister Satanic NWO. SELAH

The Revelation 12 Sign, Part 1 -2

David Icke: Royal Wedding Special - Rule by Bloodline? Time to Grow Up (Video)

Q Anon: Multiple Shooters - Did Q Try to Warn Us? Gimme Shelter (Video)

What Does Hillary Isis-Ishtar-Lilith Clinton Have In Common With The 21st President, Who's Positions Will She Take After Many Are Assassinated? The Shot Caller Hitman-Obama's + His Alphabet Agency Cronies' + The UN's Political Hit List...They Are All Dead Men...Bye Bye Donald Trump (45th. Pres.), Mike Pence (Short Lived Temporary Vice Pres. * Fill In), George Bush (43rd Pres.), & Bill Clinton (42nd Pres.), Thus Making Way For Obama & Hillary Clinton...The Future Leaders Of The Satanic NWO (2019). SELAH

Two Arrested - Shooting at Graduation Ceremony in Georgia (Video)

Please Wake up, the Powers That Be of the NWO Want Your Precious Children, Teenagers and Young Adults Because the Mind Controlling Plus Genetically Altering-Manipulating Mark of the Beast/Chimera 666 Protocols (Retroviruses) Can Easily Reprogram Their Spiritual Eyes-Hearts and Flesh Cellular Genes More Effectively Than Older People Who Are More Set in Their Mental Ways and Genes

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's MAY DAY Wedding Might Just Have A Guest Appearance By The Silver Surfer Days Later As We All Near Our Cosmic Awakening Of Dormant-Recessive-Hidden-Spirutual 12 Strand ROOT DNA, Thus Manifesting Our Spiritual Powers Upon The Future Heavenly Cosmic Burst. SELAH

Live Stream! 8 Killed in High School Shooting in Santa Fe, Texas - Active Shooter! (Videos)

Fantastic 4 Rise Of The Silver Surfer-Arch Angel Raphael-The Messenger-The Planet Mercury: As The Sun, Moon, Stars, And Other Heavenly Bodies Experience "True Global Warming-Hevenly Cosmic Energy Increases" War & Major Uproars Among The People Will Also Increase As The Satanic Thorn DNA Virus Within Their Flesh Becomes Agitated Leading To It's Fiery Spiritual Destruction Within The Righteous And Full 100% Activation Within The Wicked Unrepentant. SELAH

Alert, a Very Odd Out of Place Sandy Hook Reference Was Just Made on CBS Morning News - They Also Said 150 School Children Are Invited to Attend the Wedding - Gayle King Is on Assignment in London Previewing the Nonroyal Wedding Disaster of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Putin and Merkel Speak at Sochi Press Conference (Video)

Web Bot: Clif High: Data Sees the Market Heading in the Next Few Months (Video)

Q Anon: We Are Everywhere - Stay Vigilante - Messages Sent - Why Are We Here? (Video)

Steve Quayle: Killing Us Softly (Video)

Great Troubles Are Coming, *Dark Skies* Over The USA/Babylon After A Window-Portal Into The 4th Dimension Is Opened Via The Tower Of Babel...Demonic Manifestations Are Coming-Widespread Poltergiest Activity-Increased Paranormal Activity. SELAH

How the Temple Prophecy Was Fulfilled . . . . . . . . in 70 CE

Hawaii’s Volcano Signals Impending Calamity on US

Prince Harry's Wedding Could Turn Out to Be a Nonroyal Mega-Disaster of Epic Proportions...28 Days and 28 Weeks Later Predictive Programming...Ancient Anthrax Was Genetically Modified Into the Rage Zombie Apocalypse Flu Retrovirus-Weaponized Rabies-MRNA Strain Airborne Ebola-Rage Neurotoxins Cocktail...These Demon Possessed Bastards Are Coming Soon to Many Areas Near You

Does the Devil establish a Covenant with Israel for seven years?

We Are Definitely In The Endtimes...Please Prepare Now While You Still Can...Many Segments Of Our Hebrew-Negro Holy Scriptures Have Been Stolen By Others And Claimed As Their Own...2019 Here We Come...It's Our Time To Rise And Shine! SELAH

Q Anon: 100% Authentic - Weiner Indictments Unsealed - Coming Soon to a Theater Near You! (Video)