The next Full Moon is June 28th 2018.. Q Drops – 18th Jun 2018 – Text and links for reference. With rhetorical questions, suggestions and clues Q (Qanon), …. Heat = Tesla cars exploding Moon = Full moon 6/27 (or 6/28) Stars. Full moon coming. The full moon on Thursday

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Trey Gowdy Excoriates James Comey in IG Hearing Pre-Statements (Video)

The Word of the Most High Is Real Isaiah 30:26... It's Happening Right Before Our Eyes - Please Wake up and Repent, Hosea 2:16 - A Major Extra-Solar Event Is Imminent

Obama Filmed at Bilderberg: ‘US Must Surrender to New World Order’ - NWO (Video)

Here's Why IHop Changed to IHob - The Birth of the New Race (Video)

FBI and Department of Justice Are Enemy Combatants (Video)

Q Anon: Undiscovered Facts Emerge? Heat On Who? (Video)

Zero Tolerance: The Tables Will Be Turned on US Civilians Trying to Flee the Many Coming Troubles-Disasters-Catastrophes Within the Already Doomed USA/Babylon - How Ironic it Will Be as They Try to Flee Towards the Heavily Guarded Borders and They Are Separated From Their Children by the Obama-Nimrod-Zeus Crime Syndicate (UN and Alphabet Agency Cronies)

Apocalyptic "Mega Quake 6.1 Hits Japan 4 Dead 300 Injured" (Video)

Why Can't Everyone See This? Their Hidden Kingdom Has Been Exposed! (Video)

How Close Are We Until The Start Of The Great Tribulation? How Close Are We Until The Battle Of Armageddon? Where Are We In The Prophetic Endtime Time Line? Time Is Short, PREPARE NOW. SELAH

Armed Civilian Kills Gunman, Stops Shooting Spree At Walmart In Washington State (Video)

Q Anon: Full Moon Coming - Morning Sun Brings Heat - Don't Stop Believing (Video)

The Father & the Son

Showdown Signs

Q Anon: Adding Up? Logical? HRC - Podesta - Sealed Indictment? (Video)

Shocking Discovery: Bigger than the Empire State Building (Video)

Inside Walmart Superstore In Texas Where US Is Holding 1,400 Immigrant Children (Video)

Jesus Christ revealed in Matthew 24 and Revelation 6, 7, 17 the major events we are to watch for and the time line of those events as they each come to pass during the 7 year “Time of the End”.

Special Report: Hillary, DOJ, Under Investigation for Crimes Against the American People (Video)

Wake up, the Earth Has a Heavenly Cosmic Spiritual Word Bearing DNA UV Energy Powered Nervous System: Spiraling Heavenly Cosmic Energy From the Most High Is Steadily Increasing its Flow Via the Sun, Moon, Stars and Other Heavenly Bodies Above Which Naturally Connects With the Earth-Ground-Electromagnetically Conductive Elements-Mountains-Trees-Deep Underground Metallic Crystals Below

Q Anon: Obtain Name - Not All Are Awake - Actors - IG Report Mania Continues (Video)

Q Anon: Snowball - Critical Thinking - Trump's Surprise Interview - New IG Report (Video)

BeWAR3...Sound The Trump-ET! Are We There Y-ET (Y = 25): Full Disclosure Of UFOs & Aliens-Fallen Angel E.B.E.s/Lab Grown Extraterrestrial Biological Entities Powered Via Demonic Spirits Is Coming Soon, PREPARE NOW. SELAH

Demons and Nephilim Aren’t Always Aliens? (Video)

Exposing the Counterfeit Christian Gospel

Steve Quayle: The End of Man Is Here Equals Terminated (Video)

Prophetic Dream Vision - "In the US and Japan" - Angel Pours out a Bowl (Video)

Walmart FEMA Camps! It's Not A Conspiracy Theory Anymore - DHS (Video)

Q Anon: Good Versus Evil - FBI Agents Planned To Stop - IG Report (Video)

Middle East Peace Deal & Jerusalem, Pastor David Lankford - 06/13/2018