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Antichrist Rises: Bright and End Times Illuminati and the Coming Deceptions Exposed! (Video)

Sunday, January 14, 2018 5:00
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END TIME DECEPTIONS EXPOSED! How deep does the rabbit hole REALLY GO? On December 22nd, 2017, Netflix released a urban fantasy action crime film entitled “Bright.” This film takes place in an alternate present world involving a society amalgamated with elves, orcs, fairies, and other fantastical creatures. The plot involves two LAPD cops, who, one resembling an orc and the other a human, must plot to save the world from the return of the “Dark Lord” who seeks to enslave the entire population…

An Illuminati reference is also made in the film. This line is also the most telling: “They are aiding in the return of the Dark Lord, so he can slaughter billions and enslave survivors to serve him in the new age of dark magic.” However, this movie also depicts and decodes very eerie symbolisms and anomalies — including, but not limited to: magic; the coming of the Anti-Messiah/Antichrist; Islam and sharia law with the crescent moon and star; an alternate world with seemingly “mythical” creatures such as elves and orcs; and Ancient prophecies reminiscent to those mentioned of in the Ancient Scriptures.

Could all of this be leading up to bigger deceptions to come? Could all of this relate to the substantial technology, artificial intelligence, FEMA Camps, martial law, sharia law, and even UN troop deployment? Could all of this be leading up to the end times? What Will REALLY Take Place Come The End?!?! THE TRUTH REVEALED!!! BIGGER DECEPTIONS ARE COMING! PREPARE FOR WAR! PLEASE SEEK YAHUAH AND HIS TRUE SON YAHUSHA — THAT WAY YOU WILL BE READY TO STAND IN THAT EVIL DAY!!!!

I host the Church of Mabus radio show and it is going on 8 years. I’ve been in the paranormal community for 20 years. I provide content from a network of sources and guests and allies. Ranging from Politics to the Paranormal and the Spiritual. You can check out my other articles here at my BIOGRAPHY at BIN and you can check out my free radio show at this link HERE. Thanks for showing your support and stopping by.



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  • beLIEve

    The Catholic church D E C E P T I O N S of Rapture and Tribulation written into the “Bible”.

    The 70th Week Of Daniel Deception

    The 70th Week Of Daniel Covenant Deception

    Daniel 12 Prophecy Deception

    * * *

    The coming D E C E P T I O N S ……let me guess ! :?:

    An INFESTATION to Mankind’s Earth..of TRESPASSING MUTANT$..aka…wannabee….Integrity of The Prime Creator Mankind. :lol:

    Trespassing MUTANT$ who have been STEALING/accessing unlawfully …..the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of The Prime Creator….aka Mankind’s DNA….

    In order to ….MORPH themsELVES….into…..KNOCK-OFF/FAC$IMILE…..ManKIND ? :?: :evil: ?

    * * *

    HARD LUCK $CUM……the Real Mc Coy; ManKIND ……HOLD Prime Creator gifted…..”Dominion” over ALL of Earth. :smile:

    GENEsis Chapter 1 KJV

    [26] And GOD SAID, Let us MAKE MAN IN OUR IMAGE, AFTER OUR LIKENESS: :idea: AND LET THEM HAVE DOMINION OVER the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over ALL THE EARTH, AND :idea: OVER EVERY CREEPING THING THAT CREEPETH UPON THE EARTH.

    So…. you THIEVING filth are $CREWED…….enjoy PURGATORY. :smile:

    * * *

    The Body Snatchers ~ The Reptilian Hybrid Breeding Program Is Real

    * * *

    :idea: :idea: :idea: :evil: :twisted: :evil: :idea: :idea: :idea:

    WARNING: Anthony Patch – CERN Will Resurrect NIMROD and His Band of Nephilim Demons

    The video linked above is DEEP :shock: and illustrates the HEINOUS GRANDIOSE & DELUSIONAL agenda of the DE$PERADO


    CAVEAT The interviewee, Anthony Patch talks about the…. 2017 AGENDA…. of the DUNGHEAP of Depravity “elite$”…. the

    Vatican and the JE$U-it$ CHOREOGRAPHING CERN.

    Anthony Patch talks about the so-called Tribulation & Rapture; seemingly unaware that….IT WAS INSERTED INTO the Bible by
    the Catholic Church as a…CONTROLLING & GENOCIDE of Mankind “event”… to be activated at a time in the future when the technology became available.

    Anthony Patch also states that the so-called “KEY” to the bottomle$$ pit was given to an “angel”……

    I have two issues with the statement….

    1…. Some say “angels” are in reality A N G L E S and are DEMONIC BEINGS.
    2…IF the so-called Catholic church “INSERTED” a….. $ATANIC “PHANTA$Y” of RAPTURE & TRIBULATION into the Bible,
    how many other $atanic Fantasies & Agendas are……contained within this……$atanically TAINTED “$-CRYPT-tour” :?: :evil:

    Crypt….a vault beneath a church used for burial………BURYING the TRUTH. :?:

    Another point …. there is no acknowledgement by Anthony Patch of a Flat Earth Firmament, however as we each have different
    beliefs and are at different points on the path to the truth, differences are to be expected, Imho.

    Video @ 13:00 September 23rd 2017 ……birth of the S P I R I T of the so-called antichrist. :idea:

    @ 34:00…$atan is engaged in a FIGHT with the “Most High” and Mankind is in the way.
    @ 38:53…Book of Revelation apparently states that Satan’s “agenda” is “allowed” by God. :roll:
    beLIEve comment…god allows $atan’s agenda ?….
    …..would that be the $atanic “god”…i.e….Satan AUTHOR-LIE$…..his own agenda…and places IT in The Bible ?

    @ 57:20…between the dates 23rd September and 18th December…at the centre point of the Main Ring of CERN..ZENON Physics
    “will” create a colorless odourless poisonous GAS…IN AN ENCLOSED ENVIRONMENT….where the….
    :idea: DNA of Osiris will be RE-ACTIVATED. :idea:
    The Iraq WAR was an EXPLOITATIVE FORAY into Iraq to recover the…HEAD of OSIRIS…stored in a jar…. apparently. ! :!: :lol:

    The FOUR MAIN DETECTORS at CERN; when REVERSE ENGINEERED are MRI machines which can influence DNA sequences……
    :idea: AND……CAN CREATE A NEW BIOLOGICAL…..LIFE FORM. :idea: :idea:

    @ 1:08:50…”Digit-TAL-LIES”….. Digitalized DNA
    “Spirits” do not have a body……they NEED a “meat-suit”.

    @ 1:25:00…The QUANTAM computer is an INTER DIMENSIONAL communications tool.
    5G wi fi is being broadcast to every square foot of Earth in a 5G full immersion signal.
    The intent is PSYCHOLOGICAL MANIPULATION for the ultimate control of Mankind.
    This will be the system that relays the signal to the nano-particulate; currently lying dormant in the bodies of Mankind.
    WHEN ACTIVATED the nano-particulate WILL GROW…”apparently”…the… THIRD STRAND of DNA… that will enslave Mankind.

    The following statement is based on……THE CATHOLIC LIE$ of “RAPTURE”. :evil:
    Anthony Patch conjectures that once the so-called ……Holy Spirit’s RESTRAINT is removed by the “rapture”…..
    IT may well be ALL CYSTem$ GO.
    beLIEve CAVEAT……There is NO BIBLICAL RAPTURE……SO……what “signal” are the $CUM awaiting ? :?: :oops:

    Apparently…..LIAR $atan…..does what God allows. :evil:
    beLIEve comment……I suspect the Bible at the INSTIGATION of the Vatican……presents the term “God” in a DUAL DEAFinition
    ……to be interpreted at the whim of …..$atan’$ elect……in accordance with……HIDDEN EVIL intent.

    beLIEve comment…….are the $CUM dilly/dallying over the LAUNCH of $atan$ AGENDA…..finally realizing that the SCORE was IN before the fight “kicked-off” ? :?:

    ManKIND and Prime Creator’s INTEGRITY CREATIONS the exclusive Paradise of Earth…..
    $atan & $CUM…….PURR-CAT-ORY. :smile:

    * * *
    Chemtrails and GMO’s Were Created for the Nephilim Hybrid Human Population

    * * *

    Sharon Daphna – Energetic War on Humanity and How to Win

    * * *
    Some information about energy and orgone and, a few tips to avoid mistakes in the making of orgonite.


    * * *

    The Alien and New World Order Agenda

    We Can Defeat Them With Aether Energy Orgone Blasters™!!

    * * *

    Science Has Found Evidence of God (Video)

    * * *
    Rabbi Teaches Fake Jews Are Dimensional Commandos Sent To Earth To Rule Over The Multitudes

    * * *


    The Super Nations Are Going To Fight Against An Evil From Space? (Video)

    Fight an EVIL from space ? ? :lol:

    :idea: “S P A C E” being the so-called ….bottomle$$ pit……that….JE$Uit$….have/will be releasing……STOLEN meat-suit….

    DEMON$ from ? :idea:

    The ashkeNAZI khazar “FILTH” are MAKING AVAILABLE to the DEMON$ Military Forces to FE$T-ON. :?:

    The same ‘ol storeeee/MANIPULATION from the THIEVING DEVIOUS DISINGENUOUS ashkeNAZI seedline of $atan. :evil:

    • beLIEve

      Do not effect trespass to Prime Creators sacrosanct creation of Earth SCUMbag Satanic dark farses and demonic

      filth I deny consent.

      I deny consent I deny consent I deny consent in perpetuity retrospectively currently and out over the aeons of time

      to each every any and all transgressions and or trespass perpetrated against Prime Creators Sacrosanct Creations by

      vile heinous lawless spineless gutless criminally insane clinically insane genetically insane demented mutant dung heap

      of depravities satanic dark forces evil.

      Lying thieving nefarious duplicitous disingenuous acts negate all so called con tracts in perpetuity

      retrospectively currently and out over the aeons of time. Trespass denied.

      Trespassers to Prime Creators Sacrosanct Earth hold no lawful or lawless power and hold no power to effect

      con tracts joinder communion interference communication manipulation adulteration sacrilege sacrifice

      genocide with and or to Integrity of the Prime Creator Sacrosanct Creations directly indirectly or by third party

      interference. Trespass denied.

      Every thing trespassers effect and or attempt to effect whilst trespassing in on above below

      within without and or across Prime Creators sacrosanct creation of Earth to infinity and beyond is unlawful.

      Trespass denied.

      Integrity of the Prime Creator Mankind holds True Title to the entirety of Earth and trespass is denied.

      Integrity of the Prime Creator Mankind holds Prime Creator gifted True Dominion over the Planes Domains

      Dominions and Realms of Earth and across Prime Creators Planes Domains Dominions and Realms of Earth to

      infinity and beyond in perpetuity retrospectively currently and out across the aeons of time. Trespass is denied.

      Satans so called jooz in all their myriad of guises are trespassers to Earth and every act perpetrated by them is

      unlawful. Trespass denied.

      Satans so called jooz hold no title to no thing in on above below within and or without Prime Creators sacrosanct

      creation of the Planes Domains Dominions and Realms of Earth True Title is held by Integrity of The Prime Creator

      Mankind. Trespass by alien commandos from a different dimension is denied.

      Rabbi Teaches Fake Jews Are Dimensional Commandos Sent To Earth To Rule Over The Multitudes

      I demand and command of The Prime Creator The Supreme Intelligence The Great I am of whom I am the immediate permanent and in perpetuity excoriation of each and every and all heinous perfidious lawless lying thieving desecrating forces of evil scum trespassing and or planning to trespass in on above below within and or without The Planes Domains Dominions and Realms of Earth and trespassing and or planning to trespass across The Planes Domains Dominions and Realms of Prime Creators sacrosanct creation of Earth to infinity and beyond.

      * * *
      Science Has Found Evidence of God (Video)


      “Science Has Found Evidence of God” and Satan and his stooges ain’t it.
      AND their duplicitous and nefarious LIES HOLD NO VALUE in any “coin”. :idea:


      Marching To Armageddon: A Fake Armageddon Engineered By The Illuminati–11/16/12

      To Establish a New World Order for the Antichrist

      Preferred Target Date: By December 21, 2012 :lol:

      Alternate Dates of 2013, 2014. 2015 :grin:

      * * *


      Courtesy of Santos Bonacci….. :idea: Armageddon = MAD god NEAR = or = MAD DOG NEAR. :idea:

      And the :idea: ANAGRAM of so-called Anti Christ is common knowledge = TRANI $cHIT. :evil:

  • Alan Schuetz

    Why are you people OBSESSED with the antichrist? SMH

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