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The Bible Scripture They Don’t Want You Reading – Purportedly Written by Jesus Christ (Video)

Wednesday, January 10, 2018 4:55
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Leak Project reports Jesus has shapeshifting abilities thru undiscovered scriptures. Definitely some controversial discussion points that I am sure many of you will find fascinating or agree or disagree with. Either way we are sharing the knowledge for discussion.
Christians designate Jesus as Christ because they believe he is the Messiah, whose arrival is prophesied in the Hebrew Bible and Old Testament. In postbiblical usage, Christ became viewed as a name—one part of “Jesus Christ”—but originally it was a title.
Bible verses about accepting Christ. The Gospel is centred around the death of Jesus for our sins on the cross and the resurrection. These Bible verses tell of the salvation there is in accepting Christ as Lord and saviour.
What are the seven names of God?
  • YHWH.
  • El.
  • Eloah.
  • Elohim.
  • Elohai.
  • El Shaddai.
  • Tzevaot.
  • Jah.

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  • Alan Schuetz

    This is far BEYOND idiocy… How can anyone take your posts seriously?

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      Funny I get a lot of compliments on my posts all the time maybe you just could use more fiber in your diet.

      • dennis48309

        I’ve got plenty of fiber. I take bigger shits than you, meaning you are a piece of shit.

  • The Ferrett

    Yes, laschuetz I agree. I used to think that Jeff was like the rest of us – a genuine truth seeker, but I now have some doubts, especially with this latest “Talmud Lite” post . .

  • Pink Slime

    Anything to deny the LIVING GOD. You just simply REFUSE to believe in him. The spirit of Satan worketh nigh in you. Just look at you in that video.

    Do you not realize Satan is laughing so hard he able to produce Demoncraps to rule you!!! :lol:

    • dennis48309

      I’m so tired of this partisan bullshit. Bush mass murdered 3000+ people on 9/11 and all you idiots can do is sit here bitching about Democrats.

      • Alan Schuetz

        You’re right about 43 and 9/11… Democrats and Republicans — at the Federal level — are two sides of the same coin.

  • Anonymous

    The Law Nam-myoho-renge-kyo represents the identity of what some scientists refer to as the ‘unified field of all consciousnesses’. In other words, it’s the essence of all of existence and non-existence, the ultimate creative force behind planets, stars, nebulae, people, animals, trees, fish, birds, and all phenomena, manifest or latent. All matter and intelligence are simply waves or ripples manifesting to and from this core source.
    Consciousness (enlightenment) is itself the true creator of everything that is, ever was and ever will be, right down to the minutest particles of dust, each being an individual ripple or wave.

    The big difference between chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and most other conventional prayers is that instead of depending on a ‘middle man’ to connect us to our state of enlightenment, we’re able to do it ourselves by tapping directly into it by way of self-produced sound vibration.

    On the subject of ‘Who or What Is God?’, when we compare the concept of ‘God’, as a separate entity that is forever watching down on us, to Nichiren’s teachings, the true omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence of what most people call ‘God’ is our enlightenment, which exists nowhere else but within us.

    When the disciples asked Jesus where the Kingdom of God is, didn’t he tell them that it was within them?

    Some say that ‘God’ is an entity that can never be seen. I think that the vast amount of information that is constantly being conveyed via electromagnetic waves gives us proof of how an invisible state of ‘God’ could actually exist.

    It’s widely known that certain data being relayed by way of electromagnetic waves has the potential to help bring about extraordinary and powerful effects, including instant global awareness of something or mass emotional reaction. As well as many other things, it’s also common knowledge that these waves can easily be used to detonate a bomb or to even enable NASA to control the movements of a robot as far away as the Moon or Mars. However, none of this is possible without a receiver to decode the information that is being transmitted. Without the receiver, the information would remain impotent.

    In a very similar way, it’s important for us to have our ‘receiver’ switched on so that we can activate a clear and precise understanding of our life, all other life and what we and all else that exists truly is. Chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo helps us to achieve this because it allows us to reach into the core of our enlightenment and switch it on. That’s because the sound vibration of ‘myoho-renge-kyo’ represents the combination of the three major laws that underlie all existence.

    ‘Myoho’ represents the Law of latency and manifestation (Nature), and consists of two alternating states. One state of ‘myo’ is where everything in life that’s not obvious to us exists. This includes our stored memories when we’re not thinking about them, our hidden potential and inner emotions whenever they’re not being expressed, our desires, our fears, our wisdom, happiness, karma, and more importantly, our enlightenment. The other state, ‘ho’, is where everything in Life exists whenever it becomes obvious to us, such as when a thought pops up from within our memory, whenever we experience or express our emotions, or whenever a good or bad effect manifests from our karma.

    When anything becomes apparent, it simply means that it has come out of the state of ‘myo’ (dormancy/latency) and into a state of ‘ho’ (manifestation). It’s simply the difference between consciousness and unconsciousness, being awake or asleep, or knowing and not knowing something.

    The second law, ‘renge’, governs and controls the functions of ‘myoho’, ‘ren’ meaning cause and ‘ge’ meaning effect. The two laws of ‘myoho’ and ‘renge’, both functions together simultaneously, as well as underlies all spiritual and physical existence.

    The final and third part of the tri-combination, ‘kyo’, is what allows the law ‘myoho’ to be able to integrate with the law ‘renge’. It’s the great, invisible thread of energy that fuses and connects together all Life and matter, as well as the past, present and future. It is often termed the Universal Law of Communication. Perhaps it could even be compared to the ‘string theory’ that some scientists now suspect exists.

    Just as our body cells, thoughts, feelings and all else are constantly fluctuating within us, everything in the world around us and beyond is also in a constant state of flux, in accordance with these three laws. In fact, more things are going back and forth between the two states of ‘myo’ and ‘ho’ in a single moment than it would ever be possible for us to calculate or describe. And it doesn’t matter how big or small, important or trivial that anything may appear to be, everything that’s ever existed in the past, exists now, or will exist in the future, exists only because of the workings of ‘myoho-renge-kyo’.

    These three laws are also the basis of the four fundamental forces and if they didn’t function, neither we nor anything else could go on existing. Simply put, all forms of existence, including the seasons, day and night, birth, death and so on, are all moving forward in an ongoing flow of continuation, rhythmically reverting back and forth between the two universal states of ‘myo’ and ‘ho’ in absolute accordance with ‘renge’ and by way of ‘kyo’. Even stars are dying and being reborn in accordance with the workings of what the combination ‘myoho-renge-kyo’ represents.

    ‘Nam’, on the other hand, is a password or a key; it allows us to reach deep into our life and fuse with or become one with ‘myoho-renge-kyo’. On a more personal basis, nothing ever happens by chance or coincidence, it’s the causes that we’ve made in our past, or are presently making, that determine how these laws function uniquely in each of our lives from moment to moment, as well in our environment.

    By facing east, in harmony with the direction that the Earth is turning, and rhythmically chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for a minimum of ten minutes daily, anyone can experience actual proof of its positive effects in their life.

    In so doing, we can pierce through even the thickest layers of our karma and activate our Buddha Nature (enlightened state). We’re then able to bring forth the wisdom needed to challenge, overcome and change our negative circumstances into positive ones. It brings forth the wisdom that can free us from the ignorance and stupidity that is preventing us from accepting and being proud of the person that we truly are, regardless of our race, colour, gender or sexual preference. We are also able to see and understand our circumstances and environment more clearly, as well as attract and connect with any needed external beneficial forces and situations.

    Actual proof soon becomes apparent to anyone who chants the words Nam-myoho-renge-kyo on a regular daily basis. Everything is subject to the law of Cause and Effect, so the strength of the result from chanting depends on dedication, sincerity and determination. To explain it more simply, the difference could be compared to making a sound on a piano, creating a melody, or producing a song and so on.

    • Mayhem

      And there we have it: 1,200 words on contemplation, of self, that ultimately concludes in…

      “the strength of the result from chanting depends on dedication, sincerity and determination.”

      … which is just another way of saying – “If you don’t agree with me you’re literally Hitler” – and no less hysterical for it.

      • Anonymous

        It’s sad that you need to look for opportunities to be bitchy Mayhem – your comment has no value content at all, just gives an impression that you are either a kid or lacking in concept and understanding. No more to be said…

        • Mayhem

          Exactly, Anonymous, if i don’t think like you i deserve to be personally attacked.

          You’ve made my point :razz:

          • Anonymous

            Actually Mayhem, your next post made your point much clearer. You are obviously a Jesus fanatic and there’s nothing wrong with that – except when you need to try and belittle the beliefs of others in order to preach your beliefs, as you’ve done to me. And now to make things worse for your own credibility, you come back with more ludicrous responses to try to justify your actions. By the way, I certainly do not discard Jesus, but since he was born, ate food, used the toilet and grew older as the rest of us do, then it makes perfect sense that he also existed in accordance with the Law represented by Nam-myoho-renge-kyo – yes I believe that he came and went, just like so many others whose mission it was to try to awaken humankind. But that certainly doesn’t mean that I believe everything that has been written about him.

          • Mayhem

            The tired old ad-hominem followed by the equally dated attributing of motive which concludes with you arguing a strawman and patently virtue signalling all the while setting yourself up as sole arbiter of good.

            You inferred that “dedicated, sincere and determined” practitioners would enjoy the strongest wu-wu and, in my opinion, that sort of thinking results in an untrustworthy hierarchy from the corporeal perspective.

            In other words, Anonymous, good luck with the tree hugging but only part of the answer can be found within. The question remains; what is the meaning of life and what is the purpose behind being driven to answer this particular question.

  • N0Edomites

    Quote from article :arrow: “Christians designate Jesus as Christ because they believe he is the Messiah, whose arrival is prophesied in the Hebrew Bible and Old Testament.”

    This is a lie as there are ZERO verses in the so-called Old Testament i.e Torah that speaks on the Greek text savior called jesus who is none other than lucifer.

    Isaiah 43v11<===

    • Mayhem

      44 OT prophecies fulfilled in Jesus Christ

      • N0Edomites

        Good try but that article is FAR from accurate and is merely a hodge podge of plastered verses

        These are the words from the CREATOR about who is with him.

        Isaiah 45v5
        Isaiah 43v11
        Isaiah 44v6-8 – Clearly states the Most High IS the Redeemer and there are NO other gods with him

        Deuteronomy 4v35

        This is just for starters so please address this!

        You would also need to explain Malachi 4v4-6 where is your greek savior?

        • Mayhem

          Except Jesus is God and Elijah was John.

          • N0Edomites

            That lie you just posted contradicts Deuteronomy 6v4
            Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD.

            Explain how one can be the Father and Son, and use scripture to validate your argument.

          • Mayhem

            I don’t see how ‘Jesus is God are One’ is in any way contradictory, N0Edomites, perhaps you could explain. How can the Father also be the Son? The short answer is no one knows how and i suspect we won’t know until we are changed from flesh. All i can do is point to what the Bible teaches and then leave it to the reader to decide what is what.

            Jesus is God
            Immanuel (Matt 1:23) is the Everlasting Father (Isa 9:6) and Mighty God, the first and last (Isa 43:10,11 & Rev 1:17-18 & Rev 2:8), the redeemer (Isa 44:6 & 2Pet 1:1), the creator (Isa 44:24 & John 1:3), the I AM (Ex 3:14 & John 8:24 & 8:58), of which there cannot be two.

            The very reason The Word (John 1:3) was crucified was for claiming equality with God (John 5:17,18) in which honouring the Son (John 5:23) was the same as honouring the Father because they are one (John 10:30-33), not two, and he who has seen Jesus has seen the Father (John 14:9-11).

            Who did Thomas say Jesus was (John 20:28), or Paul (Titus 2:13 & Phil 2:5-7 & Col 2:9 & 1Tim 3:16), and whose blood were sinners purchased with (Acts 20:28 & Rev 1:5-6) if not God?

            The first and last, the beginning and end, the alpha and omega, Jesus is God.

            ps – why must i be lying, not just wrong and use scripture to validate your argument :razz:

          • N0Edomites


            Zeitgeist is full of lies and twisted facts, how you ASSUMED that I follow that garbage is beyond me but of course that’s to be expected from someone that believes in false greek god’s!

            So let me make sure I have this correct……you are saying that it’s ok for a supposed god to quote a man? if so that god you worship is not as powerful as you believe …lol

            You still have not addresses the words of the CREATOR thru HIS prophet Malachi in Malachi 4v4-6 when he says who he is sending in the last days.

            I’ll wait while you attempt to inject your penis god into the equation :mrgreen:

            The Piso’s along with the Flavians and Pliny the Elder and Pliny the Younger all injected the greek savior god into the new testament starting with Ptolemy Soter I when he created the god Serapis, this god was also worshipped in Rome and merged with Mithras worship which btw the worshippers of Mithras were called Bishops of christ. In case you fail to realize Soter is greek for Savior “G4990″

            LOL you have a lot to learn and your salvation is in jeopardy worshipping a greek idol ignoring the ONE TRUE GOD!

          • Mayhem

            You assume Jesus was quoting Euripides, i allowed that He might be, but was He or was the author (Luke) attributing a Greek turn of phrase that approximated Jesus, likely Aramaic, discourse and how much does it really matter given the point was not doctrinally fundamental? Not forgetting the play, that included the turn of phrase, was already 1,000 years old and quite likely widely known.

            “The Piso’s… injected the greek savior god into the new testament” said no one of note.

            By the way, speaking of things i didn’t address, your contention that the sealing of Daniels prophetic scroll amounts to the canonisation of the word of God is false. It wasn’t The Book that was sealed just Daniel”s prophecy and i’m convinced this was so end time generations couldn’t circumvent God’s plan with foreknowledge.

          • N0Edomites


            You do realize Euripides lived 400++ yrs BEFORE your jesus right and made a poem to Jupiter who also was born of a virgin, also was Tammuz, and Horus, KRISHNA and and many OTHER GREEK gods. So it does matter if its doctrinaly sound if the writings are passed off as the word of GOD and the fact that Euripides made this quote to Jupiter and then your jesus uses he exact same quote…lol if that’s the god you worship who again is lucifer then you you by all means enjoy your supposed rapture to hell while you hang from the ballz of your penis sun god! :lol:


          • Mayhem

            Where do you think i got the 1,000 years from, age of Bacchae at the supposed time that the NT was written, if i didn’t know when Euripides lived? Do not bother me with your panicked reasoning, N0Edomites, i have no time for your attempt to mire this conversation in confusion/semantics nor circular arguments like your demand for a response on Malachi 4:4-6 when i have already given it.

            As to your claim the New Testament was written in the 6th century the facts are the earliest fragments paleographically date to the 1st century CE…


            … making that your second falsehood even though you claim it is me who lies.

            Anyway: any time you want to make a comparison between Jesus the Christ and any of the mythical gods you just go right ahead and if i see it i’ll be sure to make the effort to show how utterly ridiculous such claims are when critically examined.

            Talmud or Koran?

          • N0Edomites


            Don’t run from the conversation. Let’s get to it shall we?

            Isaiah 45v20 Assemble yourselves and come; draw near together, ye that are escaped of the nations: they have no knowledge that set up the wood of their graven image, and pray unto a god that cannot save.

            Who are the people that are escaped from the nations, what is the WOODEN image that has a savior god?

            Isaiah 45v21 Tell ye, and bring them near; yea, let them take counsel together: who hath declared this from ancient time? who hath told it from that time? have not I the LORD? and there is no God else beside me; a just God and a Saviour; there is none beside me.

            The MOST HIGH clearly tells you there is NO savior beside him as you gentiles attempt to pair him with. Also in this verse SAVIOR (HEBREW) word is Yasha H3467 which is TOTALLY different meaning from the greek Soter G4990 …there is NO way around this interpretation or in your case the twisting of the scrips.

            Isaiah 45v5 I am the LORD, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me:

            Again the MOST HIGH telling you there is none else beside him, I’m still waiting on your verses from the MOST HIGH stating jesus is his son and is beside him….lol

            Let’s get to your book of lies called the “Biblios” in matthew 2v1 who are the “Wise Men”?

          • Mayhem

            I understand Isaiah 45:20 is pointing to the churches built by hands and replete with statues and crosses, N0Edomites, and am happy to inform you i have no part in any of them. My ministry/fellowship is internet based and while in public i merely watch, wait and witness.

            How is the Greek word and Hebrew word for Savior different…


            … when they both mean save, deliver and preserve?

            The beloved son
            Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah (Isa 42:1) as a servant of God (Matt 12:18) and so that there could be no confusion God reiterated, in His own voice, that Jesus was indeed His beloved Son (Matt 17:5).


            The Magi
            No one knows precisely who the wise men, from the east, were but it is likely they were formerly Babylonians and currently Medianites or Persians with at least a scholastic connection to the chief magi, Daniel, whose prophetic visions provided the timing and location of the birth of the coming Messiah.

            Enough, N0Edomites, now it’s your turn to answer your critics. On what basis do you make the claim that Jesus is Lucifer? And forewarned is forearmed your opinion will not suffice.

          • N0Edomites


            Your comment==> “I understand Isaiah 45:20 is pointing to the churches built by hands and replete with statues and crosses”

            [b] That would half correct, there were no such thing as churches, but meat of that verse is praying to a god that is a supposed savior. So how many so-called savior gods were there?[/b]

            How is the Greek word and Hebrew word for Savior different…


            … when they both mean save, deliver and preserve?

            [b] The greek and Hebrew are 2 totally different languages and the 2 words have separate definitions although they may seem to have the same meaning on the surface. The root of Soter is sozo G4982 and both are greek words by root. That is why the MOST HIGH clearly makes multiple statements about false saviors and gods and that he IS THE ONLY Redeemer/Savior i.e Isaiah 43v3==> For I am the LORD thy God, the Holy One of Israel, thy Saviour: [/b]

            The beloved son
            Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah (Isa 42:1) as a servant of God (Matt 12:18) and so that there could be no confusion God reiterated, in His own voice, that Jesus was indeed His beloved Son (Matt 17:5).

            [b] LOL…that is a LIE, what you failed to do is read down to verse 8 where YHWH clearly states he WILL NOT give his glory to another
            Isaiah 42v8 ==> I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.

            There is NO way around this Mayhem, the MOST HIGH IS ALONE! Israel is HIS servant Isaiah 41v8==>But thou, Israel, art my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of Abraham my friend. and he states it again in Isaiah 49v3==>And said unto me, Thou art my servant, O Israel, in whom I will be glorified. and AGAIN in Isaiah 45v4 and in Isaiah 44v1, also in Leviticus 25v55==> For unto me the children of Israel are servants; they are my servants whom I brought forth out of the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God.

            Again there is NO way around this. Your jeebus is NOT spoken of in the so-called Old Testament, other than in Isaiah 14v12[/b]

            The Magi
            No one knows precisely who the wise men, from the east, were
            [b] On the contrary it is very clear who they are and they were Persians sun worshippers from Babylon called Magos in the Matthew 2v1 G3097 and they were seers, soothsayers, sorcerers.[/b]

            but it is likely they were formerly Babylonians and currently Medianites or Persians with at least a scholastic connection to the chief magi, Daniel, [b]

            You couldn’t be more wrong to call Daniel a magi for example lets see what the MOST HIGH says about this garbage MAGI in Exodus 7v11==>Then Pharaoh also called the wise men and the sorcerers: now the magicians of Egypt, they also did in like manner with their enchantments.

            Then you have what he does to these people in Exodus 22v18==>Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. Remember sorcery IS witchcraft. So your statement that King David was using witchcraft or sorcery and the MOST HIGH allowed it, then you are saying he is double minded and contradictory which you would grossly mistaken…so which is it?[/b]

            Enough, N0Edomites, now it’s your turn to answer your critics. On what basis do you make the claim that Jesus is Lucifer? And forewarned is forearmed your opinion will not suffice.

            [/b] I’ll answer this in a bit as its taking too long to write these responses but rest assured…I can’t wait to tear down your Serapis/Mithras/ sun god called jeebus who is no more than lucifer[/b] :lol:

          • Mayhem

            The Beloved Son – You are forgetting i entered this conversation with a list of 44 Messianic Old Testament prophecies and while you might think you’ve defeated one of them there is still much work to be done on your part. So get to work, N0Edomites, even though i expect the evidence will overwhelm you, and that, as planned.

            The Magi – I didn’t call Daniel the chief Magi Nebuchadnezzar did and the point was the wise men, bearing 3 gifts, were like unto Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. That Daniel was placed above the sorcerers, soothsayers, astrologers and other so called wise men is no indication he was any of those things. Contextually Daniel recieved his promotion for correctly interpreting the King’s dreams when others could not.

            The Bright Morning Star – It will be you failing to read around for context if you ignore the fact that any mention of Lucifer (Isa 14:12) clearly points to the adversary as a man who lays waste whereas the context surrounding Jesus (Rev 22:16) has Him building up the churches. And what of it considering that God’s angels/messengers are variously described as stars (Rev 1:20) not to mention Jesus and Satan were also described as lions.

            But just as importantly lets be hearing your Jesus is Mithra theory…


            … and, full disclosure, i’ve previously looked into this.

        • Alan Schuetz

          Actually, Deuteronomy states that Yahoah is our God, and He is one.

          Yehoshu’a (=Yahoah saves) was the incarnate form of Yahoah, the firstborn of Creation.

          The Elohim or family/tribe of God is ONE, yet it consists of the Most High (Father), Holy Spirit, Yahoah/Yehoshu’a, seraphim, cherubim, arch-/angels, and the other Heavenly host. The Father and Holy Spirit created the rest on the first yom with Yahoah’s being the first. All was created through and for Him, and through Him ALL things hold together.

          • N0Edomites


            Your comment ===> “I don’t see how ‘Jesus is God are One’ is in any way contradictory,” I posted the verse that CLEARLY tells you in Deut 6v4, or do you not accept the words of the CREATOR?

            Your comment ===> “How can the Father also be the Son? The short answer is no one knows how and i suspect we won’t know until we are changed from flesh.”

            Again read Deut 6v4

            You posted verses from the GREEK text which is NOT the words of the MOST HIGH, the GREEK New Testament was written 6 centuries AFTER all the prophets had died and the book was sealed =>Daniel 12v4 so post the verse with the MOST HIGH saying to reopen the book. Back to your statement about the MOST HIGH being alone another witness is Isaiah 44v24 where HE clearly states HE formed the WORLD by HIMSELF.

            The Piso family wrote the new testament and injected their greek god Serapis into it and created a false story line built of the Torah text, which is why you will see plagiarized text of Aratus and Menander for example. Tell us why is YOUR false god jesus in acts 26v14 quoting Euripides :”kicks against the pricks” in his poem to Bacchae.

            You’re worshipping lucifer and attempting to pair him with the CREATOR! using your blasphemous GREEK garbage text.

            Malachi 4v4-6 explain who this is?? :lol:

          • Mayhem

            Oh i see, you think Zeitgeist (2007) has merit, well you’ve come to the right place, N0Edomites, because i’m just the sort of guy to ram that garbage down your throat and have you choke on it.


            Your argument that the Piso conspiracy involved the authoring of the New Testament isn’t supported by the historical evidence…


            … let alone by fellow Jesus mythicists…


            … who conclude Atwill’s Josephus/Flavian thesis lacks scholarly credentials, is steeped in ignorance and that none of his so called parallels withstand critique.

            The Piso conspiracy was the plan to usurp Nero

            As to why Jesus quoted Euripides (Bacchae) what of it? It’s just a saying which equates to spitting into the wind or the Borgs “you will be assimilated; resistance is futile” of Star Trek fame.

            You will need better arguments, N0Edomites, than merely recycled catch phrases of little import.

        • Alan Schuetz

          Isaiah 44:6 states that Yahoah is the King of Israel and his Redeemer…

          Yahoah is certainly the first and the last — the alpha and omega. His Name rendered in Koine Greek and discovered in a DSS fragment is ‘Iaw (iota-alpha-omega). That proves that the “vav” is pronounced that the “o” in Torah, menorah, Eloah, and Yehoshu’a to name a few.

        • Alan Schuetz

          *like the “o”

      • N0Edomites


        The only thing you dod was post new testament greek dogma, and any Torah verses you posted you horribly twisted it.

        I see you didn’t respond to the verses concerning who the actual servant is which I clearly showed you it ain’t your jesus. You also failed to post the words of the MOST HIGH stating jesus is his son..

        How many dead risen saviors where there in history?

        • Mayhem

          Who cares how many mythologies you can point to now make your case that Mithra is Jesus or don’t.

          I can wait :lol:

      • Greybeard

        44 OT prophecies fulfilled in Jesus Christ

        JAN 10, 2018, 5:20 PM Like Dislike Report SPAM 0Reply

        well i see no prophecy fulfilled by him …..just a load of cobs wobble that says he did….but jesus did say all scripture is dead scripture till the living God of the living book arrives and then it becomes living scripture as it appears in the living book…….jesus only gave testimony of the Father!!!!!!!!!!1

        bit like the so called miracles…..that none have ever seen….. again the…. he said she said with no proof whatsoever…..lay it all down in scripture with scripture prior to him and his so called 12 apostles who only came after the fact and not before……….way you go…give us a look!!!!!!!1

        yeah that’s right you got nothing!!!!!!!!1….just twisted crap!!!!!!!!!1

        Jeremiah 44:26
        “Nevertheless hear the word of the LORD, all Judah who are living in the land of Egypt, ‘Behold, I have ….sworn …by My great name,’ ……….says the LORD,….. ‘never shall …..My name … invoked again by the mouth of any man of Judah in all the land of Egypt, saying, “As the Lord GOD lives.”

        meaning you have no name that can be called upon!!!!!!!!!!1….makes your jesus and whatever you try to twist to say jesus is just that…twisted!!!!!!!1

        Israel prays for rain to end drought
        JAN 12, 2018, 3:20 PM Like Dislike Report SPAM 0Reply

        just lies and deception is all you got….otherwise go get him…..and i know you can not!!!!!11

        • Mayhem


    • Mayhem

      Can i take, from your username, that you favour Jacob over Esau and are able to correctly identify them in this “Zionist” age?

      If so, my friend, at least we have that in common.

      • Mayhem


      • N0Edomites


        Just saw your question, Yes I absolutely favor Jacob over esau and japheth and canaanites, and ishmaelites. And yes I am able to identify them all! :mrgreen:

        • Mayhem

          In that case, N0Edomites, how is the Abrahamic and Messianic faith any different given righteousness is accorded by grace?

          One other thing; earlier you proclaimed Torah but didn’t you mean Tanakh given you include the Prophets in your discourse?

          • Mayhem

            I mean; you’re clearly Talmudic but can’t be Hasidic because you’re on the interweb which really only leaves the Charedi sect of orthodoxy.

            The Sanhedrin approved the son of a father, Ahasuerus’s Eunuch, Barrabas, over the King of Israel and you, my friend, were part of the baying mob.

          • N0Edomites


            There is Abrahamic faith…that is a modern term. Also I DO NOT believe in that Babylonian Talmud which is a satanic hodge podge mess of early Gnosticism. To address your statement concerning righteousness, it is ONLY obtained by YHWH’s people who follow his commands as well as the gentile who hear his voice and follow them as well Psalms 119v142==> Thy righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and thy law is the truth. The term grace is ONLY spoken about in the greek text. The MOST HIGH gives his people automatically as they wake up to who they are and turn back to him.

            The Law and the Prophets i.e the Torah and Tanahk is what the MOST HIGH gave my people to follow and live by so yes of course I also follow the Tanahk as well.

          • N0Edomites


            I meant to say there is NO Abrahamic faith as that is a modern term!

          • Mayhem

            I’m thrilled that you denounce the oral traditions, N0Edomites, but do explain Psalm 119:142 in light of Noah’s redemption (Gen 6:8) or Abraham’s (Gen 15:6) because salvation, as far as i can tell, has always been by grace, always, for God cannot change (compare Num 23:19 with Heb 13:8).

            Your arguments are crumbling, my friend, and if you’re honest it is the Tanakh, that you hold so dear, that provides the best evidences against your position.

            But another thing we do agree on is the upholding of the law, of Torah, because i’m not one of those Jesus freaks who think it abolished only that works are not the path to salvation. Obedience is how we show love, to The Most High, and is the fruit whereby others may know us.

  • dennis48309

    Idiots like Jeffrey still don’t realize the elites created organized religion as a control system. It’s much easier to take over the population when they are complete morons waiting for an imaginary man in the sky to save them instead of doing it themselves.

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      Yeah and people on BIN who use people’s posts to judge and sum up their entire lives are really swell as well aren’t they? You don’t know anything about what I believe. lol I’m about to do a show on Norse Shamanism. Which is more in line with what I live.

      • Alan Schuetz

        Well, THAT explains a lot! lol

    • Alan Schuetz

      That “imaginary man” is VERY real! You should take the time to truly learn about Him. However, you are correct in that organized religion as we know it is certainly a control system FULL OF LIES!

  • beLIEve

    QUOTE……Jesus has shapeshifting abilities thru undiscovered scriptures.

    HA HA HA :lol:

    That will be the :evil: “LUCY-fur” …..verZION of “jesus”…..aka…… :evil: GEE-zu$ Sananda. :evil: :idea:

    Jesus Sananda…. is a Galactic Federation…SHAPESHIFTING….DEMONIC presence. :evil:

    A TRESPASSER like, the alien commando “jooZ”… The Prime Creators CREATION of Earth.

    AND GUESS what :?: SANANDA…is an…..ANAGRAM of……. :idea: DAM NASA….aka……DAM DECEPTION. :idea:

    Caveat to all who can SPELL
    It is obvious that ..SANANDA…when the letters are rearranged is, in reality an ANAGRAM of
    :idea: DAN NASA…..not currently….DAM NASA…

    However, the letters…..N & M..are historically interchangeable……hence…….DAM NASA. :idea: :lol:

    NASA LIES – NASA in HEBREW means “TO DECEIVE” …. in Plain Sight for ALL to SEE …

    @ 27:00 in the video linked letters N & M are HISTORICALLY interchangeable.

    ATOMology: fu-th-A-R-C and the ‘Ram’ Runes (holoGram santos bonacci

    * * *


    They shall MINGLE THEMSELVES with the seed of men Dan 2:43

    Ashtar Council & Command

    Many of those involved with ELITE SATANIC GROUPS such as the Brotherhood have described :idea: SATAN i.e. LUCIFER as being blonde…Others describe A COUNCIL OF CONTROLLERS behind the scenes RULING everything and directing all the secret societies, groups, governments, Illuminati etc..behind the scenes..

    Are they describing Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command?

    THEY HAVE “UFO” ships over 30 miles long and up to 300 miles long…the Capricorn is the Main Star Ship and is Light Blue in color typically located in the North Western sky…

    They preach….Ascension :idea: But THEY WILL BRING DESTRUCTION :evil:

    Their symbols are seen everywhere…

    Who and What is THIS COUNCIL that rules above the Earth and DIRECTS THE STEPS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER, New Age, AND the RELIGIONS on Earth?
    WHO IS IT THAT CONTROLS men, governments, and every nation on earth?
    They are called the Ashtar Command, :idea: THE GALACTIC FEDERATION, Ascended Masters, SATAN’$ RULING elite….

    There are…

    13 Members of The Ashtar Council (there are thousands under their command)

    :idea: LUCIFER (bo$$) aka LORD ASHTAR and HIS 12 DWARFS :idea: ….since……
    :idea: HE PLAYS two characters Lord Ashtar and :idea: :evil: SANANDA JESUS :idea:

    1. :idea: SANANDA (LUCIFER :idea: ACTs through him) :evil: :idea:

    2. Maitreya 3. St. Germaine 4. Lady Magda/Eve 5. Lilith 6. Hatton 7. Korton 8. Monka 9. Soltec 10. Azrael 11. Inca 12. Uriel

    These are depictions of those on the Ashtar Command Council…I don’t know how accurate these pictures are,
    and these depictions (on the ORIGINAL article) are from what others have seen and their renditions and also what you can find scouring the internet on New Age websites..

    * * *

    Rabbi Laitman – Jews Are Aliens From Another Galaxy; (Jews Will Forever Be Jews, An Alien Race)


    Straight from the WHORE-sez MOUTH…..Jews are…..TRESPASSERS…..on Prime Creators Earth :evil:

  • Mayhem

    But do tell, N0Edomites, how does the law save given given there is none righteous (Ecc 7:20), not fools (Psalm 14:1 & 53:1), nor servants (Psalm 143:2), no one who understands (Rom 3:11) and if they claim to have no sin (1-John 1:8) they lie?

  • Britnay Smithh

    Stupid American,as usually…Not normal people of this planet…Just soulless,obese goyim…

  • Britnay Smithh

    Nasi means also SERPENT,as in Indias Varanasi= Dragon-Serpent.The jews are not only Serpent people with alphabet looking like serpent tracks on the sands,but they are also AshkeNaxis,” ash claiming to be from Aushwitz,but the only most li-ke-ly Naxis” in this world,with their own Auschwitz in Gaza!!!

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