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Liberal Law Professor: Milk is a 'Racist Tool' of 'White Supremacy'

Enlightenment: It’s All Within

As a staunch CONSERVATIVE: Why I oppose Justice Kavanaugh for SCOTUS

Should Thomas/Alito (both aging) retire in 2019 to assure Trump picks their replacement and Constitutional centered Court for several Decades to come?

The very Deep Roots of Liberal/Democrat RACISM....

GOP Adopts Democrat Big Deficit Spending

Trump Base Fires Back At GOP: Stop Pushing Neocon Candidates

Leak! White House Document Details Plan to Take the War on Women to a Whole New Level

Media Prostitutes Ethics to Serve Her Highness Hillary

Donald Trump Americas Saviour.

How Google Cheats Trump

The Law of the Jungle

The 2016 Donald Trump Guitar Jam

Likelihood of Organized Disruption at GOP Convention

Has God Blessed America? (By Pastor Ray)

Obama -- Our Manchurian Muslim President?

LaVoy Finicum and Hidden Messages from Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupation

Trump Still Holding GOP Hostage [Picture]

Archeological Find May Give Green Light To Jews To Build The Third Temple (By Pastor Ray)

UFO Follows The Donald Trump Helicopter, Tells US Trump Will Be Next President? (Photos)

Bruce Jenner Comes Out As Transgender Christian Republican (Video)

Republican Bruce Jenner’s Transformation is Illuminati Goddess Ritual! (2015) (Video)

Donald Trump Is Your Drunk Neighbor LMAO The Proof (Video)

H.P. Lovecraft’s Brilliant Critique Of The Republican Monsters

Scott Walker Promises To Elimonate Union Stronghold On Workers After Becoming President

John Boehner Calls Ted Cruz A Jackass

Trump's Bullshit; ClearPath Foundation to Convince Republicans of Climate Reality

Trump Speaks Truth! McCain no "War Hero"!

Draft Dodging Donald Attacks Heroic P.O.W.s

Tomi Lahren - Obama Rant Video By OAN Conservative Anchor Goes Viral

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