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Jaw Dropping – Planet X System Here – Climate Impact – MSM Disclosure or Kind Of

Sunday, June 17, 2018 20:11
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I’m not going to tell you what to believe. Follow your heart. Explore your logic. that’s why you’re here.

Ask your own questions. Or follow the trolls dogma. I don’t care. But whatever you do, DO NOT NOTICE THE PLANET near the sun being seen around the world. It’s taboo and only wackos will actually warn you about it.

Below: Seen from Mexico to the bottom of the sun.


It happens many of the wackos are in the MSM.

Maybe there’s nothing dimming the sun. Maybe the sun was always white and those dissipating lines of aersol in the sky are simply natural cloud not a massive global black op geo-engineering program.

Maybe there’s no reason they’re censoring skycams around the world, blanking out imagery and cameras. Maybe that black dot on the sun and reflecting on the water isn’t a sun simulator enhancing your light spectrum and hiding the huge objects in close proximity…..

The school books left out the fact that the sun likely has a binary twin. They didn’t do it on purpose, right? Harrington was killed before he could confirm it in his report thirty years ago, but that’s not related, and Sitchin was cast adrift in disgrace but it was because he was an anti-semite.

What if a a dark star with its own planets called Nibiru by the Sumerians, Planet X or Nemesis is responsible for the cycles of catastrophe that has plagued Human existence. Atlantis sunk in a day, perhaps when the volcanoes and island it was on, tipped and an ocean frozen over it.

 Charles Hapgood’s crustal displaement theory could have some truth to it, just as Einstein claimed. Could the approach of strong gravitic celestial bodies pull the crust of the earth, shifting the poles. With our interconnected civlization and global supply system everyone is vulnerable to a shifting and changing pole. Best make a few preps, just in case.

Don’t expect much warning from the mainstream though.

Are the recent spat of earthquakes and eruptions this week a sign that the earth is feeling the effects of the legendary planetary system?

A 5.9 in Japan

Indonesia 5.9 just moments ago

The Galapagos has begun erupting, and by the look of things, more volcanoes may follow.

And we have all heard about Guatemala and Hawaii eruptions

The messed up cognitive bomb is that Planet X is here! Effecting the government, the earth and the progress of society. Imagine if since the end of the Second World War they prepared the ground for the New World Order, one that would rise from the ashes of  a poleshift. Stay distracted so they don’t start world war three and sacrifice billions to their demons before the pass over event. Positive vibes will win the day. Peace!

A faction of the elite have tried to contain the topic of Planet X and the earth changes. That much is certain. But the dammed magnetic field swinging around and the schumann resonance popping white, and the earth’s the geo-magnetism dips every day around 6pm. Could something external be effecting the planet?

The weird thing is, the Mainstream in all its purest sanctity is actually discussing, disclosing and disseminating a kind of mocking disclosure on Planet X(9) that should give them a bit of plausible denialbility for their lack in investigative journalism and total subservience to corrupt criminal factions.

Check out the subliminal programming in these MSM articles this week.

No need for a planet 9, so stop seeing it!

No Planet 9. It’s collective gravity, duh?

The programming in this article by science alert is classic. The photo is used in the article and from the film Melancholia by Lars Von Trier, where a red star appears in the sky and destroys the world.

One thing is sure, they don’t know what to call the Planet? Why not Nibiru or Nemesis. Why not Planet X?

Here is an image taken from Chilean airport cameras yesterday. Notice the similiarities?

Below: Or seen at sunrise in Colorado

Do not connect the dot that Mars is experiencing a historic dust storm of global scale this week, and that the opportunity rover is blacked out by it.

Take into consideration that it is ahead of earth in its orbit around the sun. Hell, to speculate, it’s almost like a massive celestial body was causing the dust storm on mars, but hey trust NASA and the trolls, they have their best interest at heart.

If it effects Mars certaily Jupiter must be stormy too

The massive lightening storms on Jupiter last week were unusual to say the least. It’s almost like their was a geo-magnetic/electrical disturbance around the planet or in space, but hey, JUpiter is huge and it could be a lens flare…

Jupiter’s unusual lightening storm

Do you have a plan in case an unusual storm hits your city or region?

Fine trust FEMA and their morally bankrupt (re)insurance company;they have you covered.

Well it’s possible the New World Order’s plan is for the parasticial Elite to survive like a bunch of blood-sucking ticks, buried hundreds of miles into the earth’s crust, ready to rise to the surface when the Binary System has passed.

Then again, this is only a conspiracy theory, so form your own opinion on what is effecting Earth, Mars and Jupiter and forcing the parasites in the black state to spray aluminum over the sun, and manipulate the extreme weather. Ignore what is being captured in the images and seen clearly in the video up top, but do so at your own risk, as at the end of the day, it’s you, and your dependants, that will bear responsibilty for your choice to ognore reality or accept it and prepare.

Good Luck!



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  • Hayduke

    Luckily none of this is happening where I live. :eek:

    • westgate

      Southern Nevada, right Mitch?

      • Hayduke

        Correct. We do see a lot of weird stuff in the sky at night on occasion though. No rogue planets, however. I’m about 50 miles southeast of Area 51.

  • trashman

    Jesus!!! I dont kn ow if you all have been observing the sky or not, but…, i have been observing c elestial objects for years now , that dont belong here!! My son works at a wal-mart, and after his car broke down he asked me too take him too work , which i did, np, as we were headed east towards sunrise we observed a bright object, very bright object just before sunrise lighting up the sky , just above the sun, and that object stayed with me for hours!!. It was still observable during daylight!!! Ahh ill tell u this:::: Jesus Christ himself described a celestial event where the Heavens would be darkened, and the sun would not shine forth, also the moon, so obviously its some physical event where a huge object blocks the sun from shining on us!!! Im telling you all this NOW! Time is up for stupidity!, we all know that it is quite common too have binary stars , and as such , binary planets , intertwining each other , and sometimes messing each other up!!! WAKEUP PEOPLE!!! Nuf said!!

    • chefjim

      Trashman; What do you mean “it stayed with me for hours?” It followed you?

    • Hayduke

      That’s what people call “Venus”. You can also see it during the evening before the sun goes down. Venus has never followed me personally, however. :smile:

    • Andy

      nuff said alright – did you actually go to school? or you some hill billy who can barely write?

      you saw the planet Venus, very common and can be seen during both dusk and dawn

      p.s. jesus never lived and never said anything

  • Central Scrutinizer

    Still with the Mystical, Magical Nibutard nonsense?!?! You got focus, I’ll give you that. Despite 1,000′s of failed predictions all across BIN, 100′s of poorly photographed lens flares, and dozens of really awful photoshop jobs, STILL Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has seen this dreck with their own eyes. It only ‘appears’ in it’s digital form.??? SHOCKING, those lens flares…….

    Please turn out the lights when you finally get bored with this nonsense. Obviously you will be the last one in the room. But you ride that Shark, Alter-idiot! :mrgreen:

    • Hayduke

      There are these brand new Nibutard glasses that are sold for $99.95 that make Nibiru easy to spot. It is hiding just barely behind the sun according to my Nibutard Glasses. :cool:

      • Central Scrutinizer

        So, what you are saying is the New Nibutard glasses are BINNERS 3.0?!?!
        Sign me up!!!! [Hayduke ... wink, wink, nudge, nudge] :mrgreen:

  • Andy

    this Nibooboo shit is very much like a religious belief thing – no matter how many times you tell the imbeciles they are LENS FLARES, they refuse to accept the truth

    • raisnbran

      family member ran the largest tele on earth at one time–his friends that run it now cant find the nib tard–they would be damn famous if they did–family member also built one of the most expensive optics that looks in the ski,sofia–those idiots can’t find the nib tard either–damn waste of a billion dollars! they should have bought mitchs glasses…..

      • Andy

        they’re looking in the wrong place!! they should be looking in the imaginations of the ignorant deluded “end times” religious adherents

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