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Why Can't I Just Take Your Stuff? Let's Be Consistent About This and Unite!

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There is no debating this simple fact.  The IRS is an illegitimate, immoral, criminal cartel that specializes in mass theft and extortion.  Just because it is accepted by the masses as a status quo part of everyday life does not make it any less evil and immoral.  

It really is that simple.  In other words, if I can’t steal your stuff without rightly being called a criminal and you can’t steal my stuff without you rightly being called a criminal then there is no magical edict, uniform, legislative process, badge, political incantation, or super fancy document of any kind that can turn an immoral action into a moral one regardless of any official claims of authoritative power.  

Do you realize the power we all have if we would simply unite against any and every immorality.  And I mean every immorality.  Even the imposing, threatening kind walking around under the banners of legality, authority and official government business? 

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    • Pink Slime

      It is so blatantly obvious in the Constitution that the IRS is an illegal and unconstitutional agency. Yet, you are so bamboozled you have a Congogressmen in a 3-piece suit up there supposedly representing you, that you are blinded at the TREASON they commit on you everyday.

      Did you know that every time you write a check to the IRS you are committing TREASON?? This is how bamboozled you are and your Congogressmen, like the illegal Negro sodomite you put in office, are just laughing their asses off at you, that you are so easily bamboozled.

      Many of them (especially the ring leaders) should be hanging in the town square. That already happened in the French Revolution and in Italy during WW-2.

      Is ours building up to that? Look at all the mentally-ill people that are ruling you and giving you the news. So funny…..

      Why isn’t it working – the rebellion? Because of the bread & circus act they managed to pull on you by the Federal Reserve – which is just a paper printing agency. You wanna know the real counterfeit money printers?? I just named them. Except they call themselves “official” and they don’t like competition.

      They learn to give you enough freedom to remain in power. There can be a lot more for you then just the bread & circus act. True freedom, true wealth, and true prosperity. But looks like you don’t want any of it. :arrow: :neutral:

    • adam

      I agree whatstarted out as taxing you on what you earn was not enough,after taxing one on their labor one would think what the IRS didn’t take should rightfully be yours,but that’s not the case,if your thirsty one turnson their faucet for a glass of water but hey that water just cost you taxes,watch a little T.V. oh dang I’m taxed again thru the cable,I think I’ll have a smoke mmm go buy a pack and what do you know taxed again,think I’ll have a snack ,go buy some and Walla taxed again, maybe I’ll take a drive mmm that car just cost you taxes, that bed you sleep in again taxed ,your house that you paid for can bestripped if the taxes is not paid ,so if one does the math on your first labor check that was already initially taxed has now become worthless,and what comes next a second job to survive while the I.R.S is now doubling their income while the laborer is working two jobs but in actuality is being part or a part time job.and to think one could even put air in a tire without being taxed needs to think again.even though you were already taxed on the labor to buy the tire,taxed on the purchase of the tire now one needs to get taxed on the air to fill that tire.its ones labor is not being taxed once but the same income is being taxed over and over and over til there is nothing left.

      • LibertyBelle

        I watched IRS Executive Director, Stephen Miller testify under oath to the Congressional Ways and Means Committee during the Lois Lerner IRS scandal. Under oath on May 16, 2013, after Chairman Trey Gowdy turned the chair over to Congressman Xavier Beccera of CA for questioning, he identified himself and then responded that taxes are voluntary. While the reaction was exclaimed, “Finally, someone admits it, taxes are voluntary”, by Congressman Becerra there was no reaction of surprise. upon researching and vetting my vetting, it is absolutely true. No tax law was ever ratified, not for either Constitution. That is factual truth and another reason for us all to unify in peaceful, though fair and just resolution.

    • beLIEve

      There is No Law Requiring You to Pay Income Tax

      5 MINUTE video :smile:

      * *
      The 5 minute video above is taken from the 2 1/2 HOUR video linked below.
      It is TWO and HALF HOURS of illuminating FACT$ covering the 104 YEARS of RAT$child/jooWi$h THEFT called….attack$ :!:

      Aaron Russo’s Documentary ”America Freedom To Fascism” Dir cut.

      * *

      Sovereign Common law Freeman no contract part 1

      Sovereign Common law Freeman no contract – admin Rem-Court- part 2

      * *

      NO….TANGIBLE…..ENTITY…..EXISTS……in relation to the …..LABEL……CORP O’RATion. :idea:


      “corpoRAtion…LEVI-e$. :idea: :!:

      Federal Reserve and IRS = private corporations!

      4 MINUTE video :smile:

      * *

      The Law They Hope You Never Read

      By William A. Shields

      * *

      WHO sez ….WE CANNOT “pop around” to the gaff/DUMB of the…. joo/THIEVE$….to RECOVER…..UNLAWFULLY EXTORTED

      INCOME ? :?:

      * *
      The following link is to a UK TV programme where BAILIFFS visit the homes/businesses of “debtors” to recover debts and/or goods ….to the value of.

      I am not sure if this link is available to US audiences.

      New Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away : S5 E5 : Episode 5

      * * *

      Version 1.0

      The Commercial Lien Strategy – Background
      Faced with corrupt lawyers and judges, no litigant can expect to win in court by simply playing defense. To beat them, you must be able to scare them. You must be able to make them respect you, and that means you must be able to take the offense — attack them personally.

      Unfortunately, judges, lawyers, and other government officials enjoy various levels of personal immunity provided by both law and “professional courtesy.” How do you sue a lawyer for malpractice? You hire another lawyer — if you can find one who’ll take the case. How do you sue an IRS agent for violating your Constitutional rights? Only with great difficulty. How you sue a judge for railroading you in court? You don’t.

      As a practical matter, private citizens can’t sue the President of the United States, a Governor, judge, or even an IRS agent for failing to obey or enforce the laws. If we try to sue in court to compel our government officials to obey the law and perform their lawful duties, the judges routinely ignore our petitions and laugh us out of court.

      Because legal and de facto immunities shield government personnel from being sued for committing CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE, the public is legally disarmed, unable to aggressively sue the government or its agents and compel them to obey the Law. As a result, the public’s legal posture is fundamentally defensive: we try to duck, dodge, and hide in legal loopholes to defend ourselves against the government and the courts. We try to escape, evade, and avoid, but we seldom counter-attack against our antagonists, largely because we think there are no lawful weapons to do so. However, it appears that a powerful offensive legal weapon may now have been discovered, tested, and proven for common Citizens — the commercial lien. We don’t try to sue a government official for failing to perform his lawful duties. Instead, we simply file a lien that encumbers the official’s personal property and credit rating like a ton of bricks until he voluntarily satisfies our demand to perform his lawful duty, and we, in turn, voluntarily agree to excise the lien.

      * *

      N.B. PLEASE NOTE :idea:

      There are stories circulating that USA lands are GOING to be SOLD to China/Russia as a means of RAISING INCOME by the

      INDEBTED “government”…..aka……PRIVATE Corporations that the USA ADMINISTRATION…consists of.

      TO THWART such acts….ONE CAN FILE a COMMERCIAL Lien…against ….NAMED Per$on$…….which DISABLES and PREVENTS

      any and ALL COMERCIAL/FINANCIAL transactions being conducted by those enTITie$/THIEVE$. :idea:

      $Ooooh….to stop land sales……

      “….we simply file a lien that ENCUMBERS the OFFICIAL’$ PERSONAL PROPERTY and CREDIT….LIKE a TON of BRICK$ …until he voluntarily satisfies our demand to perform his lawful duty, and we, in turn, voluntarily agree to excise the lien. :idea:

    • Ideas Time

      All from a trust that is not a government agency. Legalized theft does not make lawful or Constitutional.

      The IRS is not a U.S. Government Agency. It is an Agency of the IMF. (Diversified Metal Products v. IRS et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I., Public Law 94-564, Senate Report 94-1148 pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26, Public Law 102-391.)

      The IMF is an Agency of the UN. (Blacks Law Dictionary 6th Ed. Pg. 816)

      The U.S. Has not had a Treasury since 1921. (41 Stat. Ch.214 pg. 654)

      The U.S. Treasury is now the IMF. (Presidential Documents Volume 29-No.4 pg.113, 22 U.S.C. 285-288)

      “100 percent of what is collected [in income tax] is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal debt . . . . In other words, all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their Government.” J. Peter Grace, “President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control: A Report to the President,” dated and approved January 12 and 15, 1984, p. 3.
      All collections of income tax paid to the private Federal Reserve are retired from circulation the same way they are created by banks in the so-called loan process—by computer-keypad keystroke, in exchange for the borrower’s promise-to-pay; to wit:
      The purpose of income tax is to remove from circulation a substantial portion of the digits of credit “loaned” into circulation by banks by bookkeeping entry in the so-called loan process.
      Unless a significant amount of the digits “loaned” into circulation by the banks are collected by the IRS in the form of FRNs from (1) payments of income tax, (2) seizure and sale of real and personal property, and (3) seizure of bank accounts and paychecks and thereafter gifted or bequeathed (31 U.S.C. 321(d)(1) and (2)) to a non-U.S. Government employee and proxy / agent of the private Federal Reserve, i.e., the Secretary of the Treasury,[19] for transmittal to the private Federal Reserve as payments of interest on the national debt and thereupon retired from circulation, inflation skyrockets, prices go through the roof, and the fraudulent nature of the fractional-reserve banking system of the private Federal Reserve can be concealed no longer.[20]

    • cj

      That’s the problem with all of Washington, D.C. Criminals see that what they can’t do locally without getting caught by the police, they can go to DC and get a job and do it through a government agency. How many criminal things do we see going on that we know that any regular peon citizen would be arrested for, but these guys and gals keep their jobs, keep getting paid, and keep telling lies.

    • Ideas Time

      The ir s is a Puerto Rico Trust and not a gov agency anymore that the gov is.

    • John Galt

      The IRS has been scamming people with these Notice Of Lien papers, which are only notices of an attempt to file a lien in a court of which they never do file. It has to be agreed upon by a court and made official before it can be acted on. It has to become Lien not a notice of Lien. Yet they get away with taking your property without your day in court.




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