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Wall Street Is Freaking Out Over 2018—Wait Until You Find Out Why! Insider Speaks…

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By Lisa Haven

We all know the economy is on an unstable path. We also know the globalists don’t want Donald Trump to fix it, and that they will do anything they can to discredit and destabilize his presidency, including the possibility of setting off the economy and sparking a war.

Top economists know this, and like Bill Holter, have sent out their warnings that the economy is on an unstable path.

In the video below I interview the CEO of Nobel Gold Investments, Charles Thorngren, and delve through the latest crisis that is ahead for the American population and how to survive the “chess game of life”.

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    • Canderson

      Gold and silver is only worth something in a civilized society, it is still sought out by the attacker (could be paid to the hired guns), no instead it is transportation,fuel, (time limit) weapons, ammunition, water,food, shelter, water filters and so on. For the ordinary people that is. You are being attacked by your own government and their UN dictatorship. /OWO/NWO.

      • PixiePaul

        Having read all your past and present comments, I have come to the conclusion that are severely deranged. I was going to suggest you get some urgent therapy, but you seem to be beyond help. You are absolutely and totally demented.

        • PixiePaul

          … that YOU are severely deranged.

    • Canderson

      Wall Street is puppets to the Jesuit controlled Bank of England. And it is a few families that controls the Jesuits. I wonder if they got a million body guards each? Why do they feel safe?

    • Canderson

      You not within the darkness (anonymous) anymore? How sad for you then, I will not cry.

      • PixiePaul

        You need to be in a straight jacket :!:

    • Canderson

      Don’t you get it the people are coming after you!

    • Canderson

      I do not know, but it feels like at the very highest level they like exists on undone ground, it could be one or the other and they still stand ground, perhaps that is the evil evil? I am of life.

    • Canderson

      You know I will beat you in the end? Cause I never give up!
      Ultravox – Live

      • Canderson

        I got certain qualities too

        • PixiePaul

          You most certainly do – ALL the qualities of a completely insane entity.

    • Canderson

      Perhaps I already gout that untraceable child?

      • Canderson

        got, and what the hell do I know, I like the opposite of what you are all about. I think.

    • 2QIK4U

      Sneaky way to do an extended infomercial. I hate those shows that have an audience of paid actors amazed at a blender shredding lettuce. Thats where the americans are stupid impression is always pushed on every countries television. (plus half of america really is fckng stupid as hell. How do they survive ?)

      • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

        I beg to differ QIK.
        The majority of us look on the audience with total indignation.
        We understand the PAID clapping seals.
        Please don’t judge American people by what you see on “our” telly.
        Hollyweird represents us as about as well as Bill does the Boy Scouts.
        Don’t paint us all with the same brush. :wink:

    • Canderson


    • Canderson

      You killed someone I cared about, Agenda 21 2030 now you are going down! How does that feel? Being the hunted?

      • Canderson

        Subconscious until time is ripe

        • Canderson


    • Pink Slime

      Helloooooo??? :cool:

      Sears is having a great sale on clothes! If you use your ShopYourWay Rewards you can get discounts!!! They have ALL kinds of colors and not only the “negro” (excuse my Spanish lingo`) colored (excuse my pun too) ones. :cry:

    • Anonymous

      Sister Heaven,

      God came to me in a dream and told me to tell you that He was disgusted with that plunging neckline on your new Wal-Mart sweater. Don’t shoot me, I’m only the messenger. I like it personally. :smile:

    • Mijan

      I really liked your blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.




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