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Civil War Looms Behind Closed Doors, Like a Rat, the Enemy Is in Our House Eating That Chunk of Cheese on the Table, Little Bites Every Day, Unnoticeable Until the Entire Chunk of Cheese Will Be Gone +Videos

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Bertrand Daily Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues
By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. 
Are you a “Patriot?” Then you are a “Domestic Terrorist” according to a plan to target anyone or group that opposes open borders, amnesty, gun confiscation, 1st and 4th amendment abuses, Bundy’s kangaroo court action, or anything Americans counter by Obama holdovers in the “Deep State” cabal. Dems will introduce a bill to authorize the alphabet agencies to go after you and me, if it passes scrutiny by the Republican controlled senate.
Note: Federal Prosecutors want Judge Navarro to reinstate dismissed charges (with prejudice) against Cliven Bundy and sons. Illegal as hell…
Control of a population that can effectively change government peacefully or by force, protected by the 2nd amendment, is the thorn in the Communist / Democrat Party’s ass.
As with ANY Communist / Socialist country, the need to remove power from the people by any means necessary, is the tactic in-order for Communist controlling oligarchs to effectively maintain power over any other potential political party. To achieve that final seal to squash freedom and liberties, the Communists must appease the down-trodden with feel good politics, benefits, and massive propaganda by a controlled and sympathetic media.
The push to censor the views of the political Right is underway and the more the Left can censor, the more the down-trodden and 50% of a dumbed-down public will believe the corporate fakestream media. The CIA’s “Operation Mockingbird” is the “approved” means to an end of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Obama renewed “Operation Mockingbird” which allows media to use propaganda to sway public opinion, allowing “fake news” to spread across the population.
Now….as the “Deep State” is falling apart while doing everything they can to silence their opponents, the Dems in congress are actively trying to pass legislation to stop you and me from spreading truth and opinions to the entire country. They want to get us out of the way now, to pave the way for anything they want to do in the future.
President Trump is OUR president and is not respected by his own party, and especially the Dems. His daily schedule is enormous and complicated, but worse…he’s surrounded by people that appear to be his support staff, while many are extremely dangerous Communists, or at the very least, Communist sympathizers. For Trump to stay on top of the pressing issues… difficult as the rats within his circle keep him from critical news and events taking place without his knowledge. As for AG Sessions, many of us do not believe he is up for the job and would like to see Trey Gowdy as his replacement immediately.
We are at war, a civil war that looms behind closed doors and like a rat, the enemy is in our house eating that chunk of cheese on the table, little bites every day, unnoticeable until the entire chunk of cheese will be gone.
The enemy of the people and America is not a foreign force, but is a dangerous force in our own backyard. That enemy is doing everything they can to turn families against families and neighbors against neighbors. Exposing the enemy at every turn is OUR job as “Patriots” no matter what label the enemy wants to place on us. Legislation to stop us would easily backfire, because “Patriots” will NOT be silenced, no matter if death is around the corner for many of us. Thank you God…the majority of the military and law enforcement on our side and keeping President Trump from being assassinated as he moves forward to begin the massive round-up of those that continue to destroy America.
If the “Deep State” prevails and Trump is neutralized, “Domestic Terrorism” will be the thorn that will grow beyond any Communist’s imagination. OUR American flag is now banned in many stronghold enemy occupied states and when the SHTF, OUR flag will rise again on every flag pole in America and death will be immediate for anyone or official that attempts to take it down. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, but all indicators point to outright civil war if Trump is removed.
WARNINGS by real Americans is NOT a threat, but a promise…..
—Dave Bertrand

 Today’s Featured Article / Report

Domestic Terrorism Bill Targets Patriot Groups and Citizen Militias

To authorize dedicated domestic terrorism offices within the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to analyze and monitor domestic terrorist activity and require the Federal Government to take steps to prevent domestic terrorism.

That’s the text of a bill introduced in Congress on February 2nd called the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2018.

The FBI defines domestic terrorism as “U.S.-based movements that espouse extremist ideologies of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.”

But what is an extremist ideology? It’s easy to see on one end of the spectrum, once violence happens. But the FBI sees the progression as “crossing the line from First Amendment protected rights to committing crimes to further their political agenda.”

It sounds like they are saying speaking out is a precursor to terrorism. Exercising rights is suspicious.

The bill makes repeated reference to “patriot” groups as well as “anti-government militias.”
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Laura Ingraham: Weaponized #MeToo Movement / Dems Will Ruin It For DACA / Dreamers

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    • Pink Slime

      For some stupid reason you let communist, radicals, leftist, racist and liberals take over your government, your schools, your media and you EMPOWER them.


      You ought to know how stupid and crazy they are. What RUBBISH you put in office. Yet you do this over and over and even permit them to change your Constitution to suit themselves with a communist agenda which they then FORCE on you.

      And the funny thing is – you accept it!! :mad:




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