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Steve Quayle: September Mayhem - Everything Will Ramp Up - September National Preparedness Month (Video)

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September is national preparedness month. Original prepper expert Steve Quayle joins Tom and Joe Horn as they discuss practical things everybody can do to be ready to survive disaster.

Steve is the former editor and publisher of Survival Quest and Security and Survival Chronicles – monthly newsletters which dealt with perilous events and how to prepare for them.

For the past seven years, Quayle has articulated the need for Americans to be aware of bioterrorism and weapons of mass destruction. Upon publication of Breathe No Evil, Quayle upstaged mainstream media by years spelling out detailed effects of bioterrorism. Prior to publication of Breathe No Evil, Quayle went on record predicting a major chemical or biological attack in a large world city. Three weeks later, the Aum Shinrikyo cult released nerve gas in the Tokyo subway.

Steve continues to shout from the rooftops, his concern for the massive loss of life due to lack of civil defense and preparation in the public and private sectors. Breathe No Evil was written as an antidote for fear informing people of the necessary steps to take prior to biological and chemical terrorism.

I host the Church of Mabus radio show and it is going on 8 years. I’ve been in the paranormal community for 20 years. I provide content from a network of sources and guests and allies. Ranging from Politics to the Paranormal and the Spiritual. You can check out my other articles here at my BIOGRAPHY at BIN and you can check out my free radio show at this link HERE. Thanks for showing your support and stopping by.

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    • TsunamiOnRye

      Quayles MANY false predictions…

      And the list is endless…

      But hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day. And even a rotten, petrified, fossil can predict the past.

      • Anonymous

        BIN is not exactly the bastion of truth as far as I can tell. :smile:

    • Nobody

      I’m prepared to watch yet another prediction fizzle into nothingness. Total B.S., there will be no economic meltdown this month. No EMP, no nuclear holocaust, no justice in Washington DC, none of it will happen. Your predictions are absolutely worthless.

      • Anonymous

        Will there be a flat ‘Erf? :smile:

    • patann

      -When A Sunlight From Behind A Mountain God’s Throne, Speak And Say As The Days Of Moses, Even Noah Day Judgments Come A Noah’s Cousin Of An Inferno, (2 Pet. 3:11; Rev. 6, 6th seal), Quaking, Erupting And Burning Across The Entire Planet, Escape All! RUN!

      Why Doeth You Marvel? And The Merchant Is Heard No More At All In Her, Smiling faces Don’t Last, KILL!

      -Steve, after thirty plus springs past Jesus live demonstration of the great gathering of saints, and Jesus to look upon was father God, and for a long time that was odd. Still, after years and years of these types of reveals, doing the June, 2015, escape either to Georgia or heaven dream/demonstration, with concern, revisited March 2018, as an invitation from US states of Barbecue, to Georgia, to Africa, now the Calexit, Hilexit, Brexit and Truexit are all burning up. Surely, whereas, June 2015, we were also warn of a pending Cameron, Brexit/Truexit. Just so as I readied into the blessed, miraculous, immaculate, moment by moment, shift-shaped from the sunlight itself, just this blocking out the heavens, diamond carved, crystal dove, chariot from heaven. see Steve, right along it’s panel scrolled an estimated time of escape of September 23-25. Then, as far as Apostle I am was concern, it was of that very year, June 2015 into September, but warn, there was something still about Cameron, (see July 6. 2015 to Feb. 22, 2016). Agreeably, as in months off, but come, and gone into better predictions now these three years to weeks off of what I’m saying I saw and all things ever predicted seem to be exploding, even cataclysmically into its fulfillment, this blessed exit, ETE/ETD, mightily looms.
      -Like I been seeing as well, just as many evacuations out of America, as of this 2015 dream, I witnessed 2001, it is that both of these world to earth changing events. Indefinitely all happening as of a sudden extinction level event, simultaneously, like in a nanosecond the Bride nor America would be heard no more at all this planet earth; the Bride, Rev. 11:1, 2; Rev. 13: until seven years be fulfilled, Western rule, Dan. 7-12, Rev. 1-18, cataclysmically, no more, ever. These biblical scriptures have proven to be prophetically evident, as i used Rev. 11:1, 2 to in 2003, predict a Hussein white house, just as Saddam Hussein was being hunted and executed; amazingly, whose Hussein of a wounded head, rose not only being declared, “the one.” He rose, not only with the two beast of Rev. 13; but with the last two weeks and seven years of the sworn, Dan. 12-Rev. 10, man in linen timetable deemed for the last two millenium past Christ’s Cross, the dispensation of grace, for which I been saying, saying and saying, God as Noah’s, as Moses day has only designed, escape, drop your pensions, (said holy spirits of the Enron Attack, 2002) and RUN! Beware, Apb

      Article, In Trump Rise, Michael Moore Sees The Hallmark Of Hitler, Article, (since his whitehouse win, God having cast a fury as gog and magog at him, and then aligned his to fifty million US/Westerners deaths; you and I shall say, God and Michael Moore are on the same prophetic page, and again, this is where Jesus said, you are to, RUN! Hint Migrants To Al Refugees, Not Too Burning Up America But From Burning Up America, beware, Apb

      -Mark 17 and 7, Bush’s, fire from prison like a sword, 2003, Now Trump’s 2018 Billions Spending Bill That He Kill, Kill, Kill And That They, Jer. 37:8, Eze. 5, Rev. 17:17, Burn, Burn. Burn! Riddle Me This, Wasn’t Trump Campaigned Fiercely Against Clinton Because He Wasn’t A War Beast Or Was It Clinton Would’ve Gotten US Soil There, What, Speedier? And Yall Still Say God Don’t See Us, That He’s Ascended From The Earth? Taking Prophet Ezekiel by a lock of his hair, tearing a hole into men’s abominable hiding places/lodges, that he see the evil they do behind closed doors, that he see as Jesus forewan, all gone before us are thieves and robbers, that smiling faces don’t last; thanks for all reveal, but now it’s time to, RUN! For When I too was taken, 2001 as Prophet Ezekiel, all across disaster America, all I could see is the Western tier, even Canada was gone off the planet, and that it all from there just burn, the Whitehouse, Walmarts even the Kennedy Space Center was damaged, all burn right until the eastern seaboard was as well. pronounced, gone, Beware, Apb


      -With a 2016 fury of God cast at him, a war on immigrants and now Palestinian charity/Christians. Truexit, rumors have it, he’s playing this one lowercase, in black, bold, letters, error one after another by a Hitler’s/ Schindler list. Just as minutes let alone that hour into that prophetic day now gone down in infamy, 01/13-16/2018. When soon Hawaiian’s would be running, screaming and ducking under manhole covers for their lives, their children, lives, an inbound missile alert. After a voice woke me sighing the five most creepy words since God suggested to our bloodline father Adam, you disobey, you die! Sin is death, KILL! “One hour with the beast!” Meaning, not only were the Two Beast of all beast here, that Hitler’s Admin. who’d claimed ten million; would fail in comparison for now we’re talking tens of millions US/Western soil and two quarters this entire planet. The worst, right into an Israeli/Islamic/Antichrist reign and a revelation book; crying for two millennia now, blessed are the hearers and doers of this prophecy for the time is at hand. Firmly meaning, those who don’t take it’s prophetic heed are instead strong delusional,damned, woe, woe woe. Bush/Cheney, error, Saddam; Obama/Clinton error, Gaddafi, Trump/Nethanyue, error, Assad/Abbas all whose petrodollar warmongering is now aligned alone to a predicted 2002-2017 reaching into heaven’s ceiling death toll. Cataclysmically, with a seventh Angel, Rev. 17/18, right into the Congressman trainwreck, Jan 26-29, 2018, being, beyond urgent forewarning, not happy days are here again but doomsday is here to stay, no more Passovers, pending. now, RUN! Beware, Apb,

      • nomorelabels

        Quote: “Wasn’t Trump Campaigned Fiercely Against Clinton Because He Wasn’t A War Beast”

        He may have tried to uphold this, but the military machine got to him quickly and changed him as they do ALL presidents. Sadly the people seem to love all things war as long as they believe they are being kept “safe”. It is how endless conflict is supported by the blind.

        As far as the rest of your religious based threats from a genocidal being, THAT is what you follow and what does THAT say about you?

        You justify it? Think any of it is normal? You blame humanity for being thrust into this bizarre realm? You think THAT is “free will” when no one gets to choose ANY of it?

        THINK and stop spreading your darkness taught to you from twisted men desiring control over you and others as they follow a god made in their own images.

    • Anonymous

      Quayle has never been right in BIN regarding anything. Of course no one else has been right about anything either. Well, except for the flat ‘Erfers in BIN, they are right. :cool:




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